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With over 45 years of combined experience helping couples build families, Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine (AFRM) is the only private fertility center in the United States with in-house fellowship trained and board certified specialists in female and male fertility providing comprehensive care for the couple as a whole. Our family-owned and family-oriented fertility practice has earned us a reputation for providing quality and compassionate patient care. Female patients are cared for by Dr. KM Kavoussi and Dr. SK Kavoussi, our board certified reproductive endocrinologist. Dr. SK Kavoussi has been a multiple Patients’ Choice Award recipient (2008 – 2014). Male patients are cared for by Dr. PK Kavoussi, the only Fellowship Trained reproductive urologist in Austin and named Texas Monthly Rising Star Superdoctor. Dr. PK Kavoussi has success rates greater than 95% for vasectomy reversals within 15 years of vasectomy. As leaders in reproductive medicine and infertility, our physicians are continuously active in advancing research in the field. We have also been sought by the media and news for our expertise and insights into the current trends in the field of fertility.

We provide 2 convenient fertility Austin clinics, Westlake and South Austin, to serve patients in central Texas. Achieve your family goals today. Contact us at (512) 444-1414 or online to schedule a fertility (infertility) private consultation today.

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AFRM is the only private fertility center in Austin that looks at a couple’s fertility as exactly that, a “couple’s” fertility. In fact, AFRM is the ONLY private fertility center in the United States with fellowship trained and board-certified specialists for both female and male fertility within one practice, in order to provide ALL options for couples.Read More
Dr. Kavoussi is the most compassionate physician I've come into contact with, and I've known many. I simply cannot recommend this practice enough. There is no leaving his office with unanswered questions or unaddressed concerns. No matter what you face, Dr. Kavoussi will explain your options in the clearest, most encouraging fashion. read more
Had our very first consultation today with Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi regarding IVF and using a gestational carrier. We couldn't be any more impressed with the outcome of our appointment. Got so much detailed information, all of our questions answered and felt at home. Everyone was extremely nice. Super excited to see what the future brings our family! read more
Thank you! You gave us our family and we will always appreciate all of you! Dr. S. Kavoussi, Dr. P. Kavoussi, Kate, Roxy, and the entire staff, thanks for making our dreams come true. read more
Dr. Kavoussi and his team absolutely rocks! We always felt well taken care of medically speaking. Moreover, I feel that his staff is equipped very well to make this arduous experience as smooth as possible. The finance person Debra is a bit curt, but she does a great job. This next piece of comment is not and should not be taken as a criticism on Dr. Kavoussi and his team. The pharmacy of choice, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, did rather poor job at contacting us in order to arrange the delivery of medication. Since the nature of the procedure is highly time-sensitive, this can create some unnecessary stress to a couple that is already overwhelmed by the enormity of the whole process. However, Dr. Kavoussi and his team went above and beyond what I would have expected. Seeing that my wife and I were stressed and concerned we would not have the medication on time, he provided us with 2 samples the medication we needed (granted we never had to use it and we returned to them) in order not to miss that IVF cycle. I would recommend this place and I would come back if my wife and I decide to have a 3rd child. read more
Words cannot express how very grateful, thankful, and appreciative that I am to this wonder team of professional people for assisting in giving me the gift of another child! I cannot tell you enough good things about Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, and the rest of the staff! They are all so pleasant and understanding. I love this place!! Thank you again for making my dream come true! I am happily starting my third trimester and am expecting in April! God bless you all!! read more
Dear Dr. Kavoussi, another success for the team! Our beautiful son joined us last month and is doing well. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and expertise in enabling us to have and to be a family. read more
I was diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia (“No Sperm Count”) for the last 2 years. In the past couple of years, I have seen several urologists, went through several semen tests, began taking Clomid to increase sperm production and still no sperm was found. The urologists I had seen ultimately recommended a Micro TESE procedure. Though the doctors that we consulted all seemed to recommend a particular course of treatment in the Micro TESE, their prognosis of sperm retrieval was pretty limited. The three or four urologists that I consulted put my chances at sperm retrieval between 40-50%. I didn’t know, at with less probability of a coin flip, if it was worth the cost to pursue this surgery. I continued to investigate my options and was even considering going out of state and having a sperm mapping procedure by another specialist. Given the azoospermia, slim probability of sperm retrieval despite a Micro TESE procedure, most doctors and fertility specialists that we consulted, also counseled my wife and I to consider sperm donation banks to give ourselves the best chance at becoming pregnant. Though we still had hope of having a child it seemed less and less likely that we would conceive a biological child with each consultation. Somehow in seeking opinions, I found Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine-Westlake IVF and Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. As seems to be the case with fertility clinics, my wife first became a client of Dr. Parviz Kavoussi’s brother at the clinic, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi. The clinic is convenient as these brothers are specialized and equipped to treat both female and male reproductive issues. In that consultation, Dr. S. Kavoussi let me and my wife know that his brother deals with cases like mine routinely and he told us that he felt having the Micro TESE procedure with his brother would very likely yield some sperm. The percentage he shared with us was 90% as he said that Dr. P. Kavoussi has had very strong retrieval rates. We were somewhat skeptical given the consults that we had to this point all seemed to guestimate our chances at about 50/50 at best. Yet, here we were being told our chances were in the 90s! Following this consult, I set an appointment to be evaluated directly by Dr. P. Kavoussi. Dr. P. Kavoussi was patient with me and explained in his best estimation that my chances of sperm retrieval were high. He put me at ease sharing some stories about other patients in similar circumstances who had successful outcomes. Given his confidence about our chances, I decided to go ahead and have the procedure. The procedure itself was fairly painless-more uncomfortable than any real pain. It was performed early in January 2016. The anticipation of the surgery was worse than the actual procedure. I stayed home from work 3 days. More importantly however is that Dr. P. Kavoussi was able to find plenty of healthy looking sperm. Both doctors are very optimistic about our chances of having a biological child of our own. Whereas previously, most doctors would advise us to have donor sperm available for IVF, after the Micro TESE, Dr. P. Kavoussi told us it looked as though that would no longer be necessary given what he was able to find. We are still in the process but cleared a big hurdle and are looking forward to the next phase of this journey. I would highly encourage you to consider Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine-Westlake IVF.
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Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, Roxy, Marisol, Casey, along with the rest of the staff have been so amazing.  They have become family to us.  We now have a 5 week old baby boy.  We took him to meet his Westlake family yesterday for the first time.  The drive there with our son in the car was surreal.  We drove to their facility countless times during our treatment not knowing what our fate was.  There constant support helped make the process a much better experience. read more
So very thankful for Dr. SK Kavoussi and his staff. It's been a rough road for us but we couldn't be in better hands. Everyone is extremely polite, very knowledgeable, and genuinely care. I don't know how they do it, but I can always be seen when needed; even on weekends. Timing is everything with cycles and they know it. read more
After having gone to 3 other fertility doctors, I was so happy and comfortable with Dr. Kavoussi! He truly listened to me and my husband and what our problems were. Instead of feeding us information that wasn't pertinent, he was so open and honest with us. Him, his whole front desk staff and NP are awesome! I can't say enough great things about them. read more
Let me to start from the staff at the reception, super nice and understandable people, although my English language is not a perfect, but they could to understand what we were looking for, schedule an appointment and then met the nicest doctor in there ( Dr.Shahryar ), who talked to us and guid us to the successful way to have our ( second and third ) babies, with very simple ways, and softest ... The prices very affordable and they will try their best to build a big hope and light the way for families like us, and they became as a family for us as well ... There is no words are enough to give for these people, they are above of my language ... And I would love to thank all of them, especially our great doctor in there for his help, for his kindness, and for his warm feelings to push the hope inside ourselves and make it a REAL...... read more
Dr. Kavoussi, we welcomed our baby boy on May 22 this year. My pregnancy was worry-free and my son was big and healthy! Both of my pregnancies and our children started with your wonderful care and I wanted to express my love and gratitude for your work. You are truly an instrument of God's work. My husband and I have the two boys we prayed for with your help and we could not have wished for more. I was told since I was a young girl that I could never have children of my own and you shot that down twice!! My OB/GYN was amazing and did a wonderful job. She and I frequently joke how you were our lucky charm in making this happen. Just wanted to thank you for the assistance in getting our miracles in our arms. We will be forever grateful. read more
Motherhood is wonderful !  Thank you for your support and guidance in our journey !  The girls are now 18 months and their favorite word is "Uh-oh" !   :) read more
On April 1st of this year, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi did the Da Vinci Robot tubal reversal on me, recovery time was just a few days and as of today October 13th, I'm 4 weeks pregnant... Thank you Dr. Kavoussi for making our dreams come true. read more
To Everyone on your amazing staff - Thank You ! Thank you for all of your care and support.  Thank you for making this scary, emotional, stressful, beautiful process one of the BEST experiences of our lives.  Thank you for giving us a chance to have a family.  Thank you for the most precious gift ever given.  We are forever grateful and forever in awe of you.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You ! read more
I recently had a vasectomy with Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and cannot possibly recommend Austin Fertility enough. The office staff is courteous and helpful, and Dr. Kavoussi is amazing.  He is professional yet humorous, and instantly put me at ease.  He also went above and beyond to accommodate my busy schedule. The procedure - no-scalpel vasectomy - was surprisingly pain free and there were only two very brief periods of mild discomfort, and that was having denied the offered valium prescription for the procedure.  On top of that, while it is ongoing, you are allowed to watch TV to distract you from worrying about what's happening.  After channel surfing for most of the procedure, I found Parks & Rec and was actually laughing while the doctor finished up! The recovery was an absolute cake walk: I took Friday off from work for the day of the procedure, and afterward took one over the counter Tylenol when I first got home, then kicked back watching movies and playing video games all weekend sitting atop rotating bags of frozen peas.  I experienced no pain during the entire recovery period and was back in the office on Monday! Guys, if you've wanted to get a vasectomy, but have been understandably nervous about it, choose Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and you have absolutely nothing to worry about! My only regret now that I have gone through the entire process, including the follow-up analysis, is that I won't have a chance to work with Austin Fertility ever again.  Too bad they don't practice general family medicine on the side! ;-) read more
I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and struggled to conceive for about two years. We tried many different approaches before turning toward a fertility specialist. After much research we decided to go with a recommendation to see Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi. I could not have been more satisfied with the care we received, not only from him but the entire staff. They explained all of our options with the upmost care and sensitivity. They helped walk us through what was the most difficult and exciting part of our lives. After the first round of recommended treatment we were able to conceive our precious daughter. She is now 3 months old and the light of our lives. Thank you so much Dr. Kavoussi and staff! read more
I started seeing Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi in February, and I have been so incredibly impressed with the care I've received from his office. Dr. Kavoussi is absolutely wonderful. He is kind and seems to genuinely care about his patients. He has listened to me and taken my concerns seriously, and he does a great job of explaining what he plans to do and why he plans to do it. I feel like he takes a very measured approach, so I don't feel like I'm being pushed through a factory but am getting care that is specific to my situation. He is optimistic and reassuring without loading you up with false hope. He welcomes answering questions and addressing concerns, and I've never felt rushed or dismissed with him. Apart from when he's been delivering bad news, he always has a smile on his face and the most calm, pleasant, reassuring demeanor. After hearing so many horror stories about RE's who are terribly insensitive to their patients going through heartbreaking experiences, I can't say how grateful I have been for Dr. Kavoussi's kindness and sensitivity, and all of my experiences with everyone else in his office have been much the same. The whole practice seems to take the "care" part of treatment seriously. In terms of treatment, I feel like Dr. Kavoussi really knows what he's doing and is up on the latest studies, standards, and treatments and that I'm getting the best possible care from someone interested in giving his patients the best possible outcomes, without being worried about his ego or being wrong. I think it goes back to the fact that this practice seems to put their patients and their patients' experiences first, and that is the best possible thing you could hope to find in a doctor. read more
Dr. Kavoussi & Kate - We are so thankful for you both.  Thank you for helping us create our little miracle!  See you for baby #2! read more
Dear Dr. Kavoussi, Debra, Kate & Staff, I just wanted to Thank you all so much for everything you all have done for me.  You guys are one amazing team of professionals & if any one I know ever needs a Fertility Doctor, I will definitely tell them about you guys.  Thanks again so much.  Love Always ! read more
I cannot recommend AFRM enough! The team at AFRM and Westlake IVF worked with my husband and I throughout the entire process, and I cannot imagine a better team of people to work with. When initially deciding whether to pursue IVF, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was incredibly patient and informative during our consultations, answering my many questions and providing me with both the information and the hope that I needed. Throughout the process he - and the entire team - remained absolutely supportive, while keeping me informed about each step I was taking. Kate Odenwald was also a fantastic resource and source of support. In addition to her work during our appointments, she always provided a quick and informative response to my many e-mails and phone calls about the minutiae of the process. Everyone on the team got to know my husband and I during the process, and we really felt like we had the entire practice rooting for us in our journey. Each appointment was an opportunity to get reassurance and genuine care as we went through this difficult process. It might seem like a small token, but the smiles and warm greetings we received at all our appointments made what can be a very nerve-wracking process that much more pleasant. In the end, we were fortunate enough to conceive twins (due in the fall) after our first round of IVF! Being able to see our babies on the sonogram at 6 weeks was a moment I know we will treasure forever. We are so grateful to Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, and everyone at AFRM and Westlake IVF for allowing this miracle to happen! read more
Dr. K was excellent during our attempts to get pregnant. He listened to our concerns, we came  up with a plan, and eventually success! I would recommend him to anyone seeking a Doctor  with excellent bedside manners and patience through this difficult process. read more
Back in late 2013, my husband and I were not getting pregnant after many months of trying. I was informed by my OB that my labs showed a low AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) level and recommended I go see an infertility specialist. Dr. S. Kavoussi was highly recommended and my husband had seen his brother Dr. P. Kavoussi earlier that year. Dr. Kavoussi sat us down and was so thorough explained to us the likely hood of getting pregnant on our own due to my low levels. I asked if he would let me try some clomid first before we move straight to IVF. He was totally open to that and allowed me a few months to try with clomid. I appreciate how he didn’t shut down that idea right away. A few months went by and still no pregnancy. I was starting to feel like a failure and put a lot of pressure on myself and on my husband. We knew our next step was to move fwd with IVF. We sat down again with Dr. Kavoussi and Kate Odenwald, NP and they explained to us the processes in great detail. We began our IVF journey in Sept 2014. We had one embryo out of the batch. We stayed hopeful and waited. In October we found we were not pregnant. Of course I was devastated. I had already felt like such a failure that my body was not doing what women are supposed to be able to do. And I felt ashamed when people would ask, “why haven’t you had a baby, you are not getting any younger” or the “you have been married forever and still no baby”. I took one day to allow myself to cry it out and feel sorry for myself. Dr. Kavoussi called me to check on me which made me feel great that he cared so much. He went on to say if and when you are ready to talk about some options come back into the office. A week later we sat with Dr. Kavoussi and he came up with a different game plan. I took a few months off to get thru the holidays and become mentally and physically prepared for round two. Jan 2015 we began the processes again and had the 3 most beautiful embryos. We decided to implant 2 and save the other. Late Jan we received the news that we were pregnant. I never thought I would ever hear those words come out of Kate. I was literally in shock for a few minutes. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with one baby and so far everything has been great. I am so thankful for all the staff there. Dr. Kavoussi is genuinely a sincere and kindhearted physician. He gives hugs not just handshakes. As a registered nurse it’s refreshing to see a physician with great people skills. Kate Odenwald, that’s my girl!!! She has dealt with all my craziness. Being a super control freak, I was hesitant and scared in the beginning. I will never forget Kate told me early on, that I just needed to learn how to trust them and the process. She gave me constant reassurance. Debra was amazing dealing with the financial aspect of the IVF. Roxy (embryologist) such a sweet and kind lady. I loved her enthusiasm. She even made some recommendations for the baby’s name, “Roxy”. We consider her our first baby sitter since she watched over our embryos so closely. Marisol was very kind as well and helped make the experience better. And of course Casey, super sweet staff member who played a part in the process. When I told her the news of us being pregnant she was so excited for us. We even had a moment when we hugged and cried. All of you have played such an intricate part in helping my husband and I make this baby. I will be forever grateful for all the love and support we received from the staff. Before I was embarrassed that I had to even go thru IVF. Because I felt less of a woman. Now that I have gone thru the process I have such a different outlook on IVF. When I tell people I am pregnant, I love to tell the story of how it came to be and how all these people put so much work into making this happen. Much Love read more
I recently got a vasectomy with Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. Long story short: The man was masterful at his work and I am so glad I had the procedure with him. Dr. Kavoussi performs the no-scalpel procedure, which I do prefer after learning the difference between the scalpel and no-scalpel procedures. FYI guys if you don't know the difference between scalpel and no-scalpel..(by the way I'm not a doctor. Talk to a doctor.)  There are some tubes they need to block to perform the vasectomy. These tubes are surrounded by nerves and blood vessels. In the scalpel procedure they simply cut the tubes, which also cuts the surrounding nerves and blood vessels. In the no-scalpel procedure, the Dr. gets inside the tubes, and cauterizes them from the inside, leaving the surrounding blood vessels and nerves in tact. Less bleeding and trauma to the body that way. Dr. Kavoussi was very personable during the initial consult, and took as much time as I needed to answer all my questions. The day of the procedure, I was more nervous than I thought I would be, I was glad I took they Valium they recommended. During the procedure, as I said, Dr. Kavoussi was absolutely masterful in his execution. I wasn't timing it, but he was done in 5-10 minutes. I can't tell you how much I appreciated his skill. There was very little pain during the procedure, and it was primarily from the numbing injection. After the procedure, I also had very minimal pain for the first few days. I was back to work after the weekend(minus Monday). read more
Thank you for making our dreams come true! We have never been happier and thank God all day every day for this incredible miracle. We just adore our precious little guy! read more
Dear Dr. Shahryar K Kavoussi and Staff of Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine, my husband and I want to thank you.  Not just for the amazing work you do, but the love and support you gave to us throughout the process.  We welcomed our little miracle to our family a week ago ! read more
Words can not even describe how thankful I am for Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and his staff. After years of dealing with severe menstrual pain and a year of unsuccessfully trying to start a family, I finally found a doctor who listened, who cared and was truly concerned about getting to the root of my problems. Sure enough, I had/have endometriosis, a condition that no prior doctor had even bothered to consider or treat. One laparoscopic procedure and 6 months of fertility treatments later, we have finally conceived our first child. I am certain this wouldn't have been possible without the great care and guidance I received here. As excited as I am not to return for some time, I will very much miss visiting this practice and the smiling faces I've grown very fond of. Without hesitation, I wouldn't even consider going elsewhere. read more
Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and his staff especially Jamie are amazing, courteous, helpful, great advocates with Insurance and always on the cutting edge of working with newer protocols, keeping me informed etc.  I have been very happy for 1.5 years. read more
I saw Dr S Kavoussi last year and he is honestly one of the most genuine doctors I have ever met (and I work in a hospital). He is attentive and will not run you up with tests that he doesn't think you need, or need just yet. He's straightforward, caring, and understanding. We did one cycle of clomid and were pregnant the next month. I now have a beautiful baby boy :). Go see him. He's beyond amazing. read more
After three children, my wife and I decided we should take action. I did my research on my options in the area and though a friend recommended a doctor who is well known in the area with an interesting name, I didn't feel that was the right choice for me. I contact Dr Parviz Kavoussi and they took great care of me. They made me comfortable with the process and my recovery was quick and easy. I definitely recommend! read more

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Men who have low testosterone and want to conceive or maintain fertility potential should not be treated with testosterone replacement.  As more men are being diagnosed with low testosterone across the US, this group of men needs to be treated very carefully.  The problem is that giving men testosterone replacement, as is the traditional treatment [...] read more Clomiphene Citrate Helps Treat Men with Low Testosterone Who Wants to be Dads without Increasing Red Blood Production

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi speaks at the BIT International Congress of Genetics 2016 Congress in Dalian, China

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was invited to speak at the International Congress of Genetics-2016 in Dalian, China.  The congress took place from April 25th through April 28th at the Dalian International Conference Center, and his presentation was about the first reported case of live birth which resulted from IVF/ICSI with donor oocytes of a donor who [...] read more Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi speaks at the BIT International Congress of Genetics 2016 Congress in Dalian, China

Sperm 'Switch' Offers New Hope for Male Infertility

A new medical discovery is offering new hope for men suffering from infertility. Research published in the scholarly journal Science indicates that the ABHD2 protein molecule is in large part responsible for the mobility of sperm on their way to fertilize an egg. This protein can be referred to as the sperm ‘switch’ because of [...] read more Sperm 'Switch' Offers New Hope for Male Infertility

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Authors Chapter in Campbell’s Urology, the Premier Urological Textbook

As a recognized renowned expert in Reproductive Urology, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi was honored to write the chapter on surgical, radiographic, and endoscopic anatomy of the male reproductive anatomy in the 11th edition of Campbell-Walsh-Urology.  This is universally considered the premier urological textbook world-wide and is known as “the bible” of urology. This is the standard [...] read more Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Authors Chapter in Campbell’s Urology, the Premier Urological Textbook

Uterine Septum Removal Found to Improve Fertility and Pregnancy Outcome

A uterine septum is a congenital uterine anomaly that is, in essence, an embryologic remnant within the uterus that did not resorb away as it does in most women. According to a systematic review in 2011, of women in the general population, 2.3% have a uterine septum and there is a similar percentage of 3% [...] read more Uterine Septum Removal Found to Improve Fertility and Pregnancy Outcome

AFRM’s New Treatment Relieves Testicular Pain and Successfully Retrieves Sperm for Azoospermic Men with CAH and TARTs

The physicians, clinical team, and embryologists at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF published a new treatment approach for azoospermic men with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) and bilateral testicular adrenal rest tumors (TARTs) in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. These men have overproduction of testosterone from the adrenal glands resulting in diminished signaling [...] read more AFRM’s New Treatment Relieves Testicular Pain and Successfully Retrieves Sperm for Azoospermic Men with CAH and TARTs

FAQ: How is male infertility diagnosed?

Male infertility evaluation includes complete history and a physical examination performed with a focus on reproduction as a first step.  This is followed by a semen analysis that will give information on the semen volume, number of sperm, how well the sperm can swim, and how many of the sperm have a normal shape.  All [...] read more FAQ: How is male infertility diagnosed?

Study Shows Link Between Smoking During Pregnancy and Future Infertility for Male Offspring

Many of the negative effects of cigarette smoking have been well publicized in the national media and within the medical field. A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Newcastle in Australia and published in the scholarly journal Human Reproduction, however, indicates that smoking during pregnancy could affect the fertility of male children. [...] read more Study Shows Link Between Smoking During Pregnancy and Future Infertility for Male Offspring

Can Prenatal Exposure to Acetaminophen Affect Male Fertility?

There is still much research to be done to determine if certain medications can affect male or female fertility, and if so, how much they can affect it. A study by the University of Edinburgh has found that in some instances of infertility, the medications taken by the biological mother during pregnancy might actually be [...] read more Can Prenatal Exposure to Acetaminophen Affect Male Fertility?

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Infertility in Men and Women

Identifying the signs of infertility can allow couples to seek medical assistance with these issues early. This can allow older individuals to correct these conditions while there is still time to achieve a healthy pregnancy and can help younger couples to start their families earlier. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and Dr. Parviz Kavoussi of Austin Fertility [...] read more Recognizing the Warning Signs of Infertility in Men and Women

The Sperm Process

What’s involved in the development of sperm? Approximately 123 million sperm are produced within male testes each and every day once men reach sexual maturity. That figure evokes a picture of sperm production operating at breakneck speed, which is not a completely accurate picture. It actually takes a little more than two months for each [...] read more The Sperm Process

First Live Birth IVF/ICSI with Oocytes from IVF Conceived Donor

The physicians, clinical team, and embryology team at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine helped a couple achieve a successful pregnancy by means of IVF/ICSI with donor oocytes from an oocyte donor who herself had been conceived via IVF.  The anonymous oocyte donor had previously delivered two children of her own that she had conceived without [...] read more First Live Birth IVF/ICSI with Oocytes from IVF Conceived Donor

BPA Tied to Decline in Male Fertility

Researchers are beginning to think that plastics could be to blame for the decrease in male fertility over time as a population. A study published in PLOS Genetics suggests that bisphenol A (BPA), a compound found in many plastics, could be an environmental factor leading to lessened sperm production. The Washington University researchers believe that [...] read more BPA Tied to Decline in Male Fertility

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi gives European lecture series on robot assisted vasectomy reversal.

As an internationally recognized leading expert in robot assisted vasectomy reversal, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi was invited as a faculty guest lecturer in European conferences. Dr.Kavoussi discussed the surgical advantages and advances of applying robot assistance to microsurgical vasectomy reversal. As a renowned leader in this operation with peer reviewed published excellent outcomes in the medical literature, Dr.Kavoussi [...] read more Dr. Parviz Kavoussi gives European lecture series on robot assisted vasectomy reversal.

FAQ: What is a vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy is a minor procedure where the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicle to the semen, is divided and blocked to not allow sperm to reach the semen for contraception. A vasectomy reversal reconnects the two ends of the divided vas deferens to allow sperm to return to the semen [...] read more FAQ: What is a vasectomy reversal?

A Biological Clock for Men: Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Talks About Paternal Age and Male Fertility on Fox 7 News

It has been well established that ovarian reserve and egg quality decline in women as they age contributing to subfertility.  A recent study suggests that aging may impact a man’s fertility potential as well.  An animal study was performed in a mouse model demonstrating that mid-life mice, comparable to men in their mid 40’s had [...] read more A Biological Clock for Men: Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Talks About Paternal Age and Male Fertility on Fox 7 News

Tips on Improving Sperm Health

Behavior and environmental factors can have a huge impact on men’s fertility. Studies have indicated factors including health issues, alcohol consumption, marijuana usage, aluminum exposure, and cell phone radiation can be detrimental to sperm health. Renowned Austin based Reproductive Urologist, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, provides some tips for men who want to improve their fertility: 1. [...] read more Tips on Improving Sperm Health

Dr Parviz Kavoussi invited as a faculty moderator and speaker on robotic vasectomy reversal at the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons annual meeting.

The Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons holds an annual meeting with presentations on the latest technology to improve surgical care for patients.  As an international leader in robot assisted microsurgical vasectomy reversal, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi was invited as a faculty lecturer at the annual meeting held in New York in September of 2015.  Dr. Kavoussi states, [...] read more Dr Parviz Kavoussi invited as a faculty moderator and speaker on robotic vasectomy reversal at the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons annual meeting.

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is interviewed on KVUE ABC News about the effects of common over-the-counter pain relievers on women’s fertility

A recent presentation of data by Dr. Sami Salman at the 2015 European League Against Rheumatism Congress has brought attention to the topic of the potential effect of NSAIDs on delaying or preventing ovulation during the month that the NSAIDs are taken. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was recently interviewed on KVUE AMC News by Jim Bergamo [...] read more Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is interviewed on KVUE ABC News about the effects of common over-the-counter pain relievers on women’s fertility

Improving Male Fertility

Male fertility is all about the sperm. Medical Daily put together 7 little known facts about sperm: “Sperm” and “Semen” are different. Most sperm ejaculated is defective. Sperm is cold. Sperm comes as both male (X chromosome) and female (Y chromosome) genders. Sperm development takes 2 months. One testicle can produce ample sperm for male [...] read more Improving Male Fertility

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How Pesticides Might Affect Men’s Sexual Health

dailyRXMom's advice to eat plenty of veggies still rings true, but men might want to do so with some caution. High-pesticide fruits and vegetables might damage men's sexual health. A new study from Harvard found that men who ate vegetables and fruits with the highest levels of pesticide residues had lower sperm counts and fewer normal sperm. read more How Pesticides Might Affect Men’s Sexual Health

What Exercise Might Do for Men’s Sexual Health

dailyRXStaying active could benefit more than just heart health in men. In a recent study, older men who exercised reported less erectile dysfunction (ED). read more What Exercise Might Do for Men’s Sexual Health

How Even Borderline Low T Might Affect Your Health

dailyRXEven if you're close to having low testosterone but not quite there, you still might encounter some related health problems. A new study found that men with borderline testosterone levels had high rates of depression and other health problems. read more How Even Borderline Low T Might Affect Your Health

Getting Healthy May Improve Men's Fertility

dailyRXHealth problems that seem unrelated to men's fertility — like diabetes or high blood pressure — may damage men's sperm. And men can take steps that can both improve their overall health and make them more fertile. read more Getting Healthy May Improve Men's Fertility

Two Brothers, One Mission

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi are brothers and physicians both trying to help couples with fertility and work deligently to help their patients reach their goal of being able to have a child.  For men women and men alike, there are many factors involved if unable to conceive and both doctors at the Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine practice each discuss their specialties. read more Two Brothers, One Mission

Fitness Improves Outcomes for Infertile Couples

austinFitThere is no better field in medicine than fertility care for treating two people at the same time for optimal results. One unique aspect of fertility care is that it requires an in-depth understanding of multiple organ systems and their complex functions between two individuals. When reproductive endocrinologists and reproductive urologists work together, they areable to optimize fertility outcomes for the couple as a whole. Although evaluating and treating both partners optimizes fertility, couples can enhance their fertility with fitness. A fitter couple is a more fertile couple. read more Fitness Improves Outcomes for Infertile Couples

Travis County Medical Society Member Spotlight

93C18BB3-E61C-4591-9BB3B280C4080BD5_smallInspired by his father’s dedication to his family and patients, Parviz K. Kavoussi, MD knew he wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a physician as well at the age of three. He began his pursuit early and volunteered in an emergency department at 15-years-old. To Dr. Kavoussi, the most rewarding aspect of his practice is being able to contribute to a patient’s quality of life and helping couples achieve their dreams of creating a family. read more Travis County Medical Society Member Spotlight

Reversing the Vasectomy

austinFitThe vas deferens: one of the vast differences between men and women. It is basically a small, hollow tube with the consistency of a wet noodle that allows the transit of sperm cells from the testicle on their way to the outside world to try to win the race and be the luckiest, or fittest, to reach and fertilize an egg. Why does it get so much attention in reproductive medicine? read more Reversing the Vasectomy

Exercise and Conception

austinFitFitness is clearly important for men and women’s health, but what about fitness' impact on fertility? Testosterone is believed to be an important factor in a man’s fertility. Low testosterone (total testosterone level of less than 300 ng/dl by the endocrine society definition) is very prevalent in infertile men. Forty-five percent of men with no sperm in the semen, without a blockage in the system transporting sperm, have low testosterone and 43% of men with low sperm counts have low testosterone levels. read more Exercise and Conception

Assisted Reproductive Technologies

ggh-2012Motherhood is an experience that no one has to miss out on, even if biological factors are interfering. At Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine, the physicians are able to offer services of a state-of-the-art in vitro fertilization (IVF) lab called “Westlake IVF”, used for assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi explains what those technologies are and what steps to take when considering treatment by a fertility specialist. read more Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Specialist urologists should handle vasectomy reversal cases says 10-year study

scienceCodexVasectomy reversals should be carried out by urology specialists with access to appropriate micro-surgical training and assisted reproductive technologies and not general urology surgeons, according to research published in the October issue of BJUI. The findings are based on a series of surveys carried out among consultant members of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) over a ten-year period. read more Specialist urologists should handle vasectomy reversal cases says 10-year study

Diabetes Linked to Low Testosterone

dailyRXIf you are a man with diabetes, you are twice as likely as other men to suffer from low testosterone. But does it work the other way around? Can low testosterone boost your risk for diabetes? Low levels of testosterone may affect how a man's body reacts to insulin, a hormone that helps control levels of blood sugar. read more Diabetes Linked to Low Testosterone

Gum Disease and Bedroom Bummer for Men

dailyRXLiving with erectile dysfunction, or impotence, can be a huge blow to a man's ego and, in some cases, his health. If doctors know who is at risk, they can take steps to stop erection problems. Men with periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease, may have an increased risk of impotence. read more Gum Disease and Bedroom Bummer for Men

New Drug for Erectile Dysfunction

dailyRXThe medication Stendra (avanafil) has just been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat erectile dysfunction, the FDA announced today. Approximately 30 million men in the U.S. have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, according to the FDA's release. This inability to have a satisfactory sex life can negatively impact a person's quality of life and personal relationships. read more New Drug for Erectile Dysfunction

Maladies of Men

dailyRXMen and women have much in common. But let's face it: there are some obvious differences between the sexes, especially when it comes to sexual health. Just as women have their own set of distinct health issues, there are many health problems that only concern men. Low testosterone and erectile dysfunction (impotence) are two prime examples of men's sexual health problems. read more Maladies of Men

Hypogonadism/Low sex drive/Low testosterone

dailyRXMale infertility (the inability to reproduce) can be caused by a number of factors, including varicoceles, or swollen veins in the scrotum. Now, it seems varicoceles may lead to problems even more severe than infertility. Varicoceles may disrupt a man's ability to produce testosterone - a hormone that is extremely important for keeping men in good health. However, surgery can boost testosterone levels in men suffering from the condition. read more Hypogonadism/Low sex drive/Low testosterone

Stay Lean and Keep Your Testosterone

austin_fitWe know how important estrogen is for women, but did you know it’s an important hormone for men? Yup, you guys have it, too. There is an enzyme in fat cells called aromatase; it takes testosterone made by the testicles and coverts it into estrogen. The more fat cells a guy has, the more testosterone gets turned into estrogen. The less relative testosterone is kept around to act on tissues, the tougher it is to maintain muscle mass and lose fat mass. The more fat that is put on, the more testosterone is converted into estrogen, in essence dropping the testosterone level, which in turn makes it harder to burn the fat mass… and so the vicious cycle begins. That’s why hitting the gym and getting regular cardiovascular exercise to keep the waistline in check is a great way to keep more of the testosterone that’s being made as testosterone. read more Stay Lean and Keep Your Testosterone

Paternity Pops Testosterone

dailyRXTestosterone levels lower when a newborn is in the house Women's bodies obviously change physically in preparation for caring for newborns. Some men experience biological changes as well. A new study from the Philippines indicates that men's testosterone level temporarily lowers upon arrival of a new baby. The median testosterone level drop for new fathers was 26 percent in the daytime and 34 percent in the evening. read more Paternity Pops Testosterone

If Family Planning Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

dailyRXStandard Days Method family planning system has a loyal following. Remember the days when many companies weren't willing to employ married women because of the assumption they would just get pregnant? Currently, women can seemingly have it all as long as some family planning is in place to accommodate both career and family dreams. A new study finds that women who follow the Standard Days Method for family planning are likely to continue the method because of it effectiveness. read more If Family Planning Ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

Saint David's South

stdavids Family of Physicians Practicing at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, Helping Couples Achieve Fertility AUSTIN, TX—In August 2010, Parviz Kavoussi, M.D., joined St. David’s South Austin Medical Center, alongside his father, K.M. Kavoussi, M.D., and his brother, Shahryar Kavoussi, M.D. This family of physicians specializes in all aspects of fertility and reproductive medicine, focusing on both the female and male factors that can affect fertility in couples. “Our patients really like having all of these services offered in one office because it ensures that everyone is on the same page, so to speak,” Dr. Parviz Kavoussi said. “Examining infertility from both sides is the more effective, and less expensive, approach.” read more Saint David's South

Fertility Consultation

article31810We live in a culture where time is often measured out to the last second, and having control is paramount. Shoot off a quick e-mail. Return a call on your cell as you speed off to your next engagement. Plan projects down to the letter and project outcomes for success. Well, pregnancy, or more specifically, getting pregnant, doesn’t work that way. It’s not something that can be penciled into one’s planner between a job promotion and an extended vacation. read more Fertility Consultation

Having Klinefelter Syndrome

tubesHaving Klinefelter Syndrome does not mean it is impossible to father children A common concern for males with KS and their families is the ability to father children. Although subfertility is characteristic of KS and the majority of KS men do not have sperm in the ejaculate, there are exceptions as well as other techniques to help with fertility potential. Although small, firm testes are common among all KS men, up to 50% have normal testosterone concentrations. Men with the mosaic form of KS (having 46XY cells mixed with 47XXY cells) are occasionally fertile. KS men with low sperm counts in the semen may have the sperm used for assisted reproductive techniques (such as in vitro fertilization- IVF) by simply collecting the sperm through semen samples obtained by masturbation. read more Having Klinefelter Syndrome

Watershed Moment

medcoforumWATERSHED MOMENT FOR SUBMUCOSAL FIBROID AND POLYP REMOVAL In the field of women’s health, abnormal uterine bleeding is responsible for the majority of all gynecological consultations. Studies have indicated that in more than 40% of the cases, hysteroscopic evidence of a submucous myoma or endometrial polyp will be detected. For many decades, surgeons have been challenged using the same surgical tools to address this critical area until a new product, MyoSure, was recently introduced by Interlace Medical (Framingham, MA; http:// www.myosure.com). Many of the cases that present are women who have infertility issues, so preserving the form and function of the uterus is... read more Watershed Moment

Women's Health Guide

3Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine A Family of Physicians Helping Couples Build Families of Their Own. The Kavoussi’s have called Austin home for more than 30 years and feel a strong bond to the city and the people who make Austin the unique place it is. They are a family of physicians dedicated to helping couples achieve their dreams of building a family. Dr. K.M. Kavoussi completed his residency at the Bayview campus of Johns Hopkins University followed by a fellowship. read more Women's Health Guide

Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle

dailyRXErectile dysfunction can be remedied by a healthier lifestyle The same poor health habits that can lead to heart disease, diabetes and cancer also can contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED). Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to having a vibrant sexual health. If men see their sexual value falling, maybe those personal habits need a closer look. Men with ED should lay off the 'drugs and rock 'n roll'... read more Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle

The Lowdown on Low Testosterone

dailyRXTestosterone levels impact diabetes, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction By the age of 35, men's testosterone levels begin to drop by one or two percent each year. By the age of 50, 30% of men are already below the normal testosterone range and that number increases as years advance. At 60 years of age, 60 percent of men have low testosterone! In the United States alone, 13 million men each year are diagnosed with low testosterone. The real number of men afflicted is probably much greater read more The Lowdown on Low Testosterone

Ejaculatory and Erectile Disorders

toomuchtoosoonA look at ejaculatory and erectile disorders: Men, are you able to make love so that both you and your partner are satisfied?  While women are often satisfied in myriad of ways sexually, including achieving orgasm(s), for men, erection, orgasm and subsequent ejaculation are the culmination of the sex act. So what do you do if you "come" too soon, too late, or not at all?  Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual complaint, more common than erectile dysfunction." says Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, a urologist and partner at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine. read more Ejaculatory and Erectile Disorders

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