Female Patient Testimonials

5 Star Rating02/12/2020

I saw Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi after having seen a couple of other doctors in Austin.  I felt discouraged and scared.  Dr. Kavoussi explained things very simply.  He knows exactly what he is talking about, he is confident and genuinely nice and warm.  It is a great chance to have him.  Since I am one of his patients, I feel I am in the best hands ever and I have stopped wondering about a million things: everything is clear now.

5 Star Rating12/29/2019

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi, Thank you for our little blessing!  We are so happy to start our lives with our little family!  Hope you and your staff have a Happy Holiday!

5 Star Rating11/21/2019

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.  He takes his time explaining everything, he looks at you in the eye, makes calls to you himself, and becomes invested in your journey even after.  He is gentle and caring, informative and honest, and a calm presence.  When we first arrived, compared to our previous clinic, we felt immediately at ease.  Dr. Kavoussi’s nurse practitioner is amazing!  She’s caring and knowledgeable, kind and whip smart.  Any time Dr. Kavoussi wasn’t available right away, she was competent and helpful in the same way.  I never felt like I left without getting the best care.  She’s also super sweet!  We had previously been with a doctor that couldn’t care less about us.  We were just money to him.  When we switched clinics we instantly knew we’d made the right choice.  Dr. Kavoussi was present at every appointment in some way.  Always remembering intimate details of our life.  he took all the time in the world with us and never made us feel rushed or like he wanted to leave.  He made me feel seen, heard, and understood.  Our first IVF cycle with him gave us our son, and I will always be forever grateful.  He’s also performed my endometriosis surgery and took such amazing care of me, checking on me himself the next day and then meeting me to go over his findings, something my previous doctor didn’t do.  He truly is a kind, kind man, who has our best interest at heart.  He will not push for extra treatments and will give you the straight answer every time.

5 Star Rating10/19/2019

Dr. Kavoussi was our fertility doctor, and if you are in the Austin area, there is no better doctor to see.  I’ve never had a doctor who cared more about me or took more time to walk through options, procedures, and explanations of the very complicated world of infertility.  He was genuinely excited when our IVF was going so much better than any of us had hoped.  I will forever be grateful for the care Dr. Kavoussi and his staff provided for us.

5 Star Rating09/23/2019

Dear Dr Kavoussi and Staff, thank you all so much for everything you do!  We are so blessed to have met you all and are so excited to meet our little miracle!

5 Star Rating08/15/2019

I had a really bad experience with my first fertility doctor and moving to this clinic was the best decision I made regarding treatment. It was clear from the outset that this clinic are experts in the fertility field. They are also well-organized and efficient. This is important as we were traveling 50 minutes one-way to the clinic while working full-time. They were prompt, took time to explain things, answered all of our questions, and had flexible scheduling. I have no negative things to say about them. As someone who works in sales, my job for 17 years has been reading people and both verbal and non-verbal communication. You are treated so kindly here. The doctor and his staff are available for questions and to explain treatment, quick turn around on phone calls/questions, and I know this sounds silly, but Dr. Kavoussi has kindness in his mannerisms and eyes. The nursing staff is AMAZING! I will never forget the day we left the clinic and “graduated” to our regular OB/GYN in my first trimester. It was a bid deal to us. We were emotional due to the journey and so appreciative of the care we’d received that my husband and I were both crying. The staff was doing the same thing by our side. They honestly care, and it shows. We are so thankful for them. My advice to anyone trying to decide between different fertility clinics in Austin, is don’t overthink or second guess, go ahead and schedule a consultation, once you meet Dr. Kavoussi you will know you made the right decision. He is truly an expert in this field and knows what he’s doing.

5 Star Rating06/24/2019

Dr. Kavoussi & Team, thank you so much for the wonderful patient care throughout my egg freezing process.  The attentiveness, extra thoughtfulness, and detailed explanations made such a difference in my experience, so I wanted to put it in writing, as an extra thanks.  I’m sure it’s not always fun getting emails, calls or having appointments on a weekend, but you made it all seem effortless, and unhindering.  Have a wonderful Summer and best of luck to you all!

5 Star Rating06/03/2019

The clinic was well organized like a well oiled machine.  The staff was kind and compassionate.  Dr. Kavoussi is very kind.  He took his time in making sure we understood his game plan and answered all of our questions.  He was genuinely interested in our cycles and he personally called us to let us know the results.  The nurses and coordinator were very helpful, answered all questions and showed much compassion.  We felt that Dr. Kavoussi was the right choice after our first meeting.  His brother Dr. Parviz Kavoussi performed the successful sperm retrieval on my husband.  He was kind and took our concerns to heart.  I was only 26 when we started the process and had no concerns about my fertility but had to perform IVF because of male factor issues.  Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi made us feel confident that we had a great chance to conceive.  If you have concerns, ask many questions and ask for additional testing if you feel it necessary.

5 Star Rating05/15/2019

Like an IVF cycle, this is a big time commitment.  They have a Westlake and South office which helps.  Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi never rushed appointments, he answered all my questions, and empathized greatly.  He appreciated the intensity and the emotions around this experience, and we felt like he truly cared.  He is a kind, comprehensive, well-informed doctor.  He went through all the pros and cons, and showed great compassion.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions, he will answer them and wants you to feel as comfortable as possible in this process.  As for my protocol, it didn’t result in any negative side effects for me.  The financial coordinator gives an easy to understand breakdown of costs, medications, procedures, etc.  For our first cycle they respected that I wanted to do a single embryo transfer, and in all discussions about future cycles, they have been supportive of doing a single transfer as well.  In the end we have our healthy son and a few frozen embryos.  I trust Dr. Kavoussi and his practice, and we will return again.

5 Star Rating04/11/2019

Dr. K always made us feel welcome.  He explained each cycle fully and was genuinely interested in our success.  Dr K was very kind and answered any questions we had.  The nursing staff and coordinator were amazing.  They went out of their way to help me find the cheapest medications and helped with samples.

5 Star Rating03/27/2019

Dr. Kavoussi is very well informed and seems to work hard to keep up with the literature and the latest studies.  He is a caring man and takes a great deal of time to help patients understand the process and make decisions regarding their care.  Do not be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem dumb.

5 Star Rating03/12/2019

Dr. Kavoussi is a very caring doctor who spends a lot of time making his patients feel informed and in control of the process.  He is always available for calls, even when the clinic is closed.  He genuinely wants his patients to be happy and do well.  All of the staff is personable and caring.  They seem well trained and well informed and genuinely to enjoy what they are doing.

5 Star Rating02/05/2019

I love going to this office. All staff is wonderful and I have always felt welcome. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is wonderful! I’m certain he prays for us! And when things don’t always go your way, he’s there to talk and give hugs. His nurse is amazing as well. I Love her!! I don’t think we could have made it through each step without her. Very friendly and available for hugs too!! The waiting room times are short, staff is amazing, and facility super clean. As for the IVF process, I don’t know the name of the first protocol, but second one worked. Micro dose Lupron got me to retrieval! Had to freeze all but that’s because of a fibroid I have.

5 Star Rating01/27/2019

Dr. Kavoussi was straightforward and took care of all of our concerns. He was both realistic but very compassionate. His Nurse Practitioner was extremely responsive, positive and friendly. If you needed a pep talk, she was there to give it to you. She was almost like a coach. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was great from all angles. He’s quite conservative in his treatment and aims for positive outcomes but generally will avoid more extreme procedures.

5 Star Rating01/10/2019

I can not say enough good things about Dr. S Kavoussi and his office. I am a nervous wreck when it comes to doctors visits and I have never met a Dr who is more calming and kind than Dr. Kavoussi. From day one he made me feel comfortable. He gave me several options and even suggested a few no one else had. He addressed my pain, as well as my fertility questions. His office and his NP Amy are equally kind. I didn’t think offices like this existed anymore, and they have made me a believer. I am not the nervous patient I used to be as they have restored my faith. Thank you so much!!!

5 Star Rating12/27/2018

Dr Kavoussi, nurses, and all!  We talk about you often and are forever thankful for you and your team.  Have a wonderful Holiday and Very Happy 2019!

5 Star Rating12/24/2018

Dr Kavoussi and Austin Fertility Staff, Our baby girl is perfect all thanks to you!  We are forever grateful for you and what you have done for our family.  Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

5 Star Rating12/19/2018

Dr. Kavoussi and Team – Thanks to your efforts, we are celebrating our first of many Christmases with our son.  Having him is the best gift we could ever receive!  You never doubted that we would meet him one day, and we appreciate more than words can say.

5 Star Rating10/30/2018

I just want everyone to know that I am 39wks with a healthy baby, due any day now!  So grateful to all the wonderful professionals at AFRM!!!

5 Star Rating09/13/2018

First time i met dr. kavoussi (2016) he told me “I’m going to make this happen. You’re going to have a baby.”  i believed in his words.  my baby girl twins are 6 months today! After 8 years of ttc, dr. kavoussi made it happen!  best decision ever!  100% recommend dr. kavoussi and their staff.

5 Star Rating07/06/2018

How can I express my gratitude for the team that helped me create my family, my two favorite human beings on earth, the best thing that ever happened in my life? I met Dr. K after enduring three years of infertility and he helped me have my first child. After that I went through three years of recurrent pregnancy loss before returning to AFRM and asking them to help me again. My baby girl arrived on July first, and I couldn’t be more grateful. The entire staff at this clinic was caring, kind, and dedicated every step of the way, both times around. I would gladly recommend them to anyone in need of fertility medicine. Thank you, AFRM, for making life worth living.

5 Star Rating06/25/2018

I cannot say enough great things about this practice. My husband and I needed Dr S Kavoussi’s help growing our family. He, Kate, and all the staff were so wonderful, caring and informative throughout the entire process. Every staff person we interacted with was wonderful and responsive. This is a highly emotional process and they were the best partners ever. We are now the proud parents of a baby girl and we were fortunate enough to be successful after the first round. Thank you so much, Dr K and Kate and all the staff!

5 Star Rating05/23/2018

Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, and AFRM team: We just wanted to offer a note of appreciation for your help with bringing our son into the world. He was born March 14 and he has been growing like crazy ever since. He turned 10 weeks old today and we can hardly believe how time has passed. Thank you again for helping us grow our family.

5 Star Rating05/18/2018

Amazing Office – Doctors and Staff

5 Star Rating04/26/2018

Dr. K, you and your amazing staff at Westlake IVF were simply amazing!  We thank you for your kindness and sensitivity to our struggles to get pregnant.  Without you all we would not have this precious little baby to love.

5 Star Rating03/21/2018

Drs. Kavoussi, Kate & all of the Westlake IVF staff, we have been so blessed through this process which would never had been possible without each and every one of your help and unwavering support! We are forever greatful for the gift you have given us and want to send our sincere thanks.

5 Star Rating02/11/2018

We had to see both Dr. PK and Dr. SK. Both are amazing doctors. Kind, understanding, up on research, intelligent, and honest. I also appreciated that they spoke to me like a professional. I have experience researching endocrine systems and didn’t need things to be put in laymen terms. They *heard* me and we conversed on a level I felt appropriate.

An important note- Dr. PK is very well known for his success rates with azoospermia patients. And their clinic is very comfortable handling delicate Micro-TESE sperm.

Also, my husband is an immigrant who is shy with his English. They never made him feel unwelcome or stupid. He likes all of them a lot as well.

They worked with us in so many ways, I felt like the entire office was on our side. I still feel like they are on our side.

After our retrieval, my progesterone was too high and we had to wait to do a frozen transfer. I’m glad I trusted this wisdom. We did another saline ultrasound during the wait and found more polyps. A quick surgery removed them and we did the frozen transfer a few weeks later. While I’m not sure how this will all end, my husband and I have a positive pregnancy blood test today. With our own eggs and sperm. Pretty awesome for a couple with azoospermia and a fibroid and polyp history. Bottom line – we trusted their wisdom and guidance and are glad we did.

5 Star Rating01/29/2018

It is a rough road finding out that you and your spouse have infertility issues you will need to overcome. Dr. S Kavoussi and Dr. P Kavoussi have been so warm and caring to both my husband and I. We initially met with Dr. P Kavoussi to help with my husband, he sat down with us for almost a hour to explain everything to us and all the different steps we can take to move forward. After learning some devastating news, we left our appointment with so much confidence knowing he was the best choice for us moving forward in this. I later met individually with Dr. S Kavoussi who was so comforting as he explain to me even further the female side of how our process will work and took extra time to make sure I had all of my questions answered. He has the best bedside manner and you can really tell he cares about his patients. I am extremely hopeful after meeting with both of these amazing doctors and I am so glad I found them to go through this journey with.

5 Star Rating12/29/2017

Dear Dr. Kavoussi, more than being an excellent doctor you are an excellent human being. Your positive, encouraging words gave me confidence and boosted my spirit. “Thanks” is a very small word for the care and support you provided me. Your treatment not only gave me my son, but my life and my happiness. Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year. May God bless you and your family with good health and happiness. You are the reason for our happiness and smiles.

5 Star Rating12/26/2017

Dr. Kavoussi, we can’t thank you, Kate and the rest of your staff enough for everything you all did to help give us our little girl.  She’ll turn a year old next week.  We can’t believe a whole year has already gone by.  We hope you are all doing well.  Please do tell Kate, Krista, and Marisol hello, along with Roxy and Caitlin 🙂  You all are miracle workers.  Thanks for helping to make our dream of becoming parents a reality.  We love our daughter more than we can say.

5 Star Rating12/22/2017

Dr S & Westlake IVF, over the years you have made our dreams come true and this year we welcomed our newest miracle into our family!  Every holiday season, you come up in conversation — about how blessed we were to have you as our doctor.  With the addition of our newest baby, our family is complete.

5 Star Rating12/04/2017

Dr. S, Kate, Roxy, & the rest of the wonderful staff are the reason we now have 3 beautiful children!  We will forever be grateful to AFRM!!

5 Star Rating11/27/2017

Thank you So Much for helping us make our dream a reality. I am eternally grateful for all that you did, and for your kindness and compassion. Words can’t express how much love is in our hearts with our little baby. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

5 Star Rating08/16/2017

Dear Dr. K, Kate, and the entire wonderful team.  Our son was born July 6, weighing 10.4 lbs !!  He is the greatest gift in our lives, and you made it possible for us to meet him.  Words will never be able to adequately express our gratitude.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

5 Star Rating06/24/2017

I’ve been meaning to write this review for sometime now..

A special thank you from the bottom of my heart to Dr. Kavoussi, Kate and the staff at Westlake IVF.  My husband and I spent 10 years trying to conceive and tried several fertility doctors. None of the doctors we met and worked with took the time to listen like Dr. Kavoussi. After our first consultation I felt confident in Dr. Kavoussi’s abilities and 2 years later we were blessed with our little miracle. He and his staff have an amazing bed side manner and really listened to what I had to say.

5 Star Rating06/02/2017

My husband and I had such a great experience with Dr. Shayar Kavoussi, Kate, Laura and the rest of his team. Dr. Kavoussi’s bedside manner is exemplary and he was always happy to spend as long as we needed explaining and discussing our options. He genuinely cares about his patents and it’s very apparent every time you meet with him. Kate is wonderful as well and we were grateful for her endless patience answering all our questions and supporting us throughout the whole process. We were lucky enough to be successful on our first round and have a healthy newborn son and two more embryos saved for future use. I would highly recommend this facility for all your reproductive needs.

5 Star Rating05/10/2017

The infertility road can be a very lonely, hopeless, and stressful one. IVF is usually the last resort or only bit of hope most couples have after trying all other options first, or being diagnosed with something untreatable that requires IVF. So choosing a fertility doctor is one of the most important factors, if not THE most important factor, when it comes to IVF success. My husband was diagnosed with severe male infertility factor at 3 million sperm per cc. We thought about doing the varicocele surgery to correct it, but it was unlikely that the semen quality would improve enough after varicocele repair to result in pregnancy without inseminations or IVF. So, something that could have been a simple fix wasn’t so simple after all because of the numbers, so we decided to stop wasting time and go straight to IVF. We chose Dr. Kavoussi because I didn’t want to go to the huge fertility center in town that everyone else goes to because I wanted it to feel more personal. As SOON as we met Dr. Kavoussi at our consultation, we knew we had made the right choice. His calm and confident disposition really comforted us and he explained everything that we would be going through in very great detail with such knowledge and expertise that we were blown away. After that first consultation, with much thanks to the extremely competent office staff and other nurses, getting everything else set up was an easy process. We got phone calls along the way describing the next steps (and yes, there are a lot of them!) and all of our questions were answered each time, without us even having to ask. Kate and everyone else at Westlake IVF made sure to make us feel like they were all invested in our outcome. We ended up being able to retrieve 24 eggs, and 16 fertilized. Out of those 16, 9 made it to blastocyst stage which made us happy beyond belief. On the day of our embryo transfer, we were the only ones there along with the medical staff. It was on a Sunday and I remember thinking, wow, this clinic is open solely for us right now. Fast forward to now, and I am 12 weeks pregnant and can’t believe I am even typing that! I am BEYOND happy to have chosen such an amazing facility and group of people to help us achieve our dream of a baby. If you are considering IVF, make an appointment with Dr. Kavoussi, you will NOT be disappointed.

5 Star Rating04/18/2017

I am so unbelievably grateful for everything Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, and the rest of their staff did for us! They gave us 2 beautiful children and did so in the most loving and caring environment. They are the nicest, most genuine, and personable doctors I have ever encountered. I never felt like I was going to a doctor’s appointment but instead to catch up with my friends. They have become family to us and I plan to keep it that way. If you are seeking professional help to start your family, trust me when I say look no further. Austin Fertility/Westlake IVF is the best decision I have ever made.

5 Star Rating03/24/2017

Amazing, my friend and I have miracle babies with our husbands from this team of precious people! We love them and are soooo thankful for them! #webeatinfertility #weare1in8 #ICSIIVF   I love this clinic, especially since it isn’t huge and tons of people. You get to know people and they respond fast to emails and questions! Love!!

5 Star Rating01/08/2017

After having two different tubal pregnancies, my OBGYN suggested it would be my best option to look into IVF if I wanted to become pregnant.  Dr. S. Kavoussi, Kate, and the entire team at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine made my journey such a wonderful process for my husband and I.  I couldn’t recommend a better team to assist you during this sensitive/important time in your life.  After going through our second round of IVF, I am now eight months pregnant with our baby girl that is due at the beginning of March.  I have never had any doctor who I’ve felt cared so much for my well being and for what I wanted.  It’s almost as if time doesn’t matter with the staff at Austin Fertility.  I’ve received calls from the embryologist on Saturday mornings to follow up and even a call at 8pm on a Friday night from Dr. Kavoussi, inquiring how I’m felling after a procedure.  This was our first experience with IVF and the process, so there were a million questions asked.  Thank you Kate, for answering all of them along with all of my emails and phone calls.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Kavoussi and his team and they will always hold a special place in our hearts!

5 Star Rating01/02/2017

After a year of trying, followed by a miscarriage, and almost another year of trying, we were recommended by my OB to see Dr. Kavoussi.  I knew after my consultation that he was the right doctor.  We talked for over 45 minutes and he listened to all my concerns and answered every question.  I conceived on my second round of treatment and my husband and I welcomed a healthy baby girl about 6 months ago.  There are no words to describe how grateful we are to Dr. Kavoussi and his entire staff.  Everyone was so kind and friendly and made us feel so comfortable.  Thank you again!

5 Star Rating12/20/2016

Dear Dr. S Kavoussi, we just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did to help us along on the journey that led to our daughter.  We really appreciate all of the time you spent with us.  Your compassion and dedication gave us the support we needed through a very emotional time.  The care we received at your practice was truly exceptional and you are an exceptional doctor.  Thank you for touching our lives in such a meaningful way.  We are so thankful we found you!

5 Star Rating11/30/2016

I saw Dr. Kavoussi for reproductive treatment a year and a half ago.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years, and after having a tubal pregnancy I began to look at fertility options.  Dr. Kavoussi helped me find the right treatment for my circumstance.  I got pregnant on the second round of treatment and my daughter was born last year.  She just turned 1 last month and I am so grateful to Dr. Kavoussi and his team for helping my husband and me conceive our beautiful daughter.

5 Star Rating11/08/2016

I would have never appreciated this office and their entire staff without having a different Reproductive Endocrinologist first.  To put it bluntly, my first experience with a different doctor was unpleasant.  I saw the differences right away at Dr. Kavoussi’s office.  Our phone calls with questions or concerns were taken care of promptly.  The entire staff genuinely cares about their patients.  The testing and care we received was more thorough.  Fertility treatments were such a positive experience for us here because of the excellent care provided.  Even if we did have to try them more than once.  We are expecting our son later this year after 5 years of trying.  My husband and I cannot say enough great things about this facility.

5 Star Rating10/21/2016

Dr. S. Kavoussi, Kate, and the rest of the staff were wonderful throughout our fertility treatment.  The whole crew was supportive, funny, and thoughtful when we came to the office for treatments.  It took our family a while to conceive, but it finally happened thanks to Dr. Kavoussi and we now have a new baby girl.

5 Star Rating10/10/2016

Great doctor he helped us to achieve our dream of expecting a baby. And we got a double blessing of twins. Thank the staff and doctor for being so wonderful.

5 Star Rating09/02/2016

Dr. S.K. Kavoussi, Thank you and your staff so much for helping my husband and I conceive our little angel.  Throughout our challenges, you and your staff were so personable and sympathetic to our needs.  We truly appreciate your efforts and care shown to us.

5 Star Rating08/22/2016

Last week marked one year from our retrieval/transfer and we are so happy to have a healthy 3.5 month old son!  He is thriving and we owe it all to Dr. S, Kate and the entire team!  Thank you for helping us become a family of 3!

5 Star Rating08/03/2016
I would have never appreciated this office and their entire staff without having a different Reproductive Endocrinologist first. To put it bluntly, my first experience with a different doctor was unpleasant. I saw the differences right away at Dr. Kavoussi’s office. Our phone calls with questions or concerns were taken care of promptly. The entire staff genuinely cares about their patients. The testing and care we received was more thorough. Fertility treatments were such a positive experience for us here because of the excellent care provided. Even if we did have to try them more than once. We are expecting our son in October of 2016 after 5 years of trying. My husband and I cannot say enough great things about this facility.

5 Star Rating07/29/2016

Both Doctors rock.  Kate rocks.  Debra rocks.  We are so thankful for y’all.

5 Star Rating07/18/2016

Dr. Kavoussi, Kate & Staff:  Thank you all so very much with your help during this very anxious time in our journey to become parents. All of you have answered numerous phone calls with silly/simple questions from us and have done a lot of work to get my medication approved by insurance. Your efforts have been very much appreciated!

5 Star Rating07/05/2016

Thank you Dr. S. Kavoussi and staff for making our dream come true. My husband and I welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl on Sunday. There are no words to express how grateful we are to you.

5 Star Rating06/29/2016

My twins are now 5 years old and heading to kindergarten. Having them would not have been possible without Dr S. Even to this day I rave about him and his staff. He had the best bedside manner and always made me feel like I was his only patient! A year after my twins were born, we welcomed a baby girl who was a complete surprise! Thanks Dr S!

5 Star Rating06/03/2016

Everyone in this office is wonderful! I have an amazing 15 month old daughter thanks to their help!!! Have recommended them to many people!  🙂

5 Star Rating05/31/2016

I’m so thankful for the ENTIRE staff and Dr. S Kavoussi.  I had a bad experience with my first Reproductive Endocrinologist.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try anymore fertility treatments.  I’m so glad we did!  What impressed me most about this clinic was how much everyone cares about you.  Infertility is such a personal experience that many of us are emotional about.  I found everyone to be supportive and worked hard to make us feel comfortable.  They were also much more thorough than my first doctor had been.  After two IUI’s at this clinic, we are now 19 weeks pregnant with our son.

5 Star Rating04/15/2016

Had our very first consultation today with Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi regarding IVF and using a gestational carrier. We couldn’t be any more impressed with the outcome of our appointment. Got so much detailed information, all of our questions answered and felt at home. Everyone was extremely nice. Super excited to see what the future brings our family!

5 Star Rating04/07/2016

Thank you! You gave us our family and we will always appreciate all of you! Dr. S. Kavoussi, Dr. P. Kavoussi, Kate, Roxy, and the entire staff, thanks for making our dreams come true.

5 Star Rating02/23/2016

Dr. Kavoussi and his team absolutely rocks! We always felt well taken care of medically speaking. Moreover, I feel that his staff is equipped very well to make this arduous experience as smooth as possible. The finance person Debra is a bit curt, but she does a great job. This next piece of comment is not and should not be taken as a criticism on Dr. Kavoussi and his team. The pharmacy of choice, Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, did rather poor job at contacting us in order to arrange the delivery of medication. Since the nature of the procedure is highly time-sensitive, this can create some unnecessary stress to a couple that is already overwhelmed by the enormity of the whole process. However, Dr. Kavoussi and his team went above and beyond what I would have expected. Seeing that my wife and I were stressed and concerned we would not have the medication on time, he provided us with 2 samples the medication we needed (granted we never had to use it and we returned to them) in order not to miss that IVF cycle. I would recommend this place and I would come back if my wife and I decide to have a 3rd child.

5 Star Rating02/01/2016

Words cannot express how very grateful, thankful, and appreciative that I am to this wonder team of professional people for assisting in giving me the gift of another child! I cannot tell you enough good things about Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, and the rest of the staff! They are all so pleasant and understanding. I love this place!! Thank you again for making my dream come true! I am happily starting my third trimester and am expecting in April! God bless you all!!

5 Star Rating01/31/2016

Dear Dr. Kavoussi, another success for the team! Our beautiful son joined us last month and is doing well. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and expertise in enabling us to have and to be a family.

5 Star Rating01/12/2016

Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, Roxy, Marisol, Casey, along with the rest of the staff have been so amazing.  They have become family to us.  We now have a 5 week old baby boy.  We took him to meet his Westlake family yesterday for the first time.  The drive there with our son in the car was surreal.  We drove to their facility countless times during our treatment not knowing what our fate was.  There constant support helped make the process a much better experience.

5 Star Rating01/03/2016

So very thankful for Dr. SK Kavoussi and his staff. It’s been a rough road for us but we couldn’t be in better hands. Everyone is extremely polite, very knowledgeable, and genuinely care. I don’t know how they do it, but I can always be seen when needed; even on weekends. Timing is everything with cycles and they know it.

5 Star Rating12/10/2015

After having gone to 3 other fertility doctors, I was so happy and comfortable with Dr. Kavoussi! He truly listened to me and my husband and what our problems were. Instead of feeding us information that wasn’t pertinent, he was so open and honest with us. Him, his whole front desk staff and NP are awesome! I can’t say enough great things about them.

5 Star Rating12/08/2015

Let me to start from the staff at the reception, super nice and understandable people, although my English language is not a perfect, but they could to understand what we were looking for, schedule an appointment and then met the nicest doctor in there ( Dr.Shahryar ), who talked to us and guid us to the successful way to have our ( second and third ) babies, with very simple ways, and softest … The prices very affordable and they will try their best to build a big hope and light the way for families like us, and they became as a family for us as well …
There is no words are enough to give for these people, they are above of my language …
And I would love to thank all of them, especially our great doctor in there for his help, for his kindness, and for his warm feelings to push the hope inside ourselves and make it a REAL……

5 Star Rating11/23/2015

Dr. Kavoussi, we welcomed our baby boy on May 22 this year. My pregnancy was worry-free and my son was big and healthy! Both of my pregnancies and our children started with your wonderful care and I wanted to express my love and gratitude for your work. You are truly an instrument of God’s work. My husband and I have the two boys we prayed for with your help and we could not have wished for more. I was told since I was a young girl that I could never have children of my own and you shot that down twice!! My OB/GYN was amazing and did a wonderful job. She and I frequently joke how you were our lucky charm in making this happen. Just wanted to thank you for the assistance in getting our miracles in our arms. We will be forever grateful.

5 Star Rating11/20/2015

Motherhood is wonderful !  Thank you for your support and guidance in our journey !  The girls are now 18 months and their favorite word is “Uh-oh” !   🙂

5 Star Rating10/13/2015

On April 1st of this year, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi did the Da Vinci Robot tubal reversal on me, recovery time was just a few days and as of today October 13th, I’m 4 weeks pregnant… Thank you Dr. Kavoussi for making our dreams come true.

5 Star Rating09/19/2015

To Everyone on your amazing staff – Thank You !
Thank you for all of your care and support.  Thank you for making this scary, emotional, stressful, beautiful process one of the BEST experiences of our lives.  Thank you for giving us a chance to have a family.  Thank you for the most precious gift ever given.  We are forever grateful and forever in awe of you.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You !

5 Star Rating08/18/2015

I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago and struggled to conceive for about two years. We tried many different approaches before turning toward a fertility specialist. After much research we decided to go with a recommendation to see Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi. I could not have been more satisfied with the care we received, not only from him but the entire staff. They explained all of our options with the upmost care and sensitivity. They helped walk us through what was the most difficult and exciting part of our lives.

After the first round of recommended treatment we were able to conceive our precious daughter. She is now 3 months old and the light of our lives.

Thank you so much Dr. Kavoussi and staff!

5 Star Rating07/09/2015

I started seeing Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi in February, and I have been so incredibly impressed with the care I’ve received from his office. Dr. Kavoussi is absolutely wonderful. He is kind and seems to genuinely care about his patients. He has listened to me and taken my concerns seriously, and he does a great job of explaining what he plans to do and why he plans to do it. I feel like he takes a very measured approach, so I don’t feel like I’m being pushed through a factory but am getting care that is specific to my situation. He is optimistic and reassuring without loading you up with false hope. He welcomes answering questions and addressing concerns, and I’ve never felt rushed or dismissed with him. Apart from when he’s been delivering bad news, he always has a smile on his face and the most calm, pleasant, reassuring demeanor. After hearing so many horror stories about RE’s who are terribly insensitive to their patients going through heartbreaking experiences, I can’t say how grateful I have been for Dr. Kavoussi’s kindness and sensitivity, and all of my experiences with everyone else in his office have been much the same. The whole practice seems to take the “care” part of treatment seriously.

In terms of treatment, I feel like Dr. Kavoussi really knows what he’s doing and is up on the latest studies, standards, and treatments and that I’m getting the best possible care from someone interested in giving his patients the best possible outcomes, without being worried about his ego or being wrong. I think it goes back to the fact that this practice seems to put their patients and their patients’ experiences first, and that is the best possible thing you could hope to find in a doctor.

5 Star Rating07/01/2015

Dr. Kavoussi & Kate – We are so thankful for you both.  Thank you for helping us create our little miracle!  See you for baby #2!

5 Star Rating06/22/2015

Dear Dr. Kavoussi, Debra, Kate & Staff, I just wanted to Thank you all so much for everything you all have done for me.  You guys are one amazing team of professionals & if any one I know ever needs a Fertility Doctor, I will definitely tell them about you guys.  Thanks again so much.  Love Always !

5 Star Rating06/03/2015

I cannot recommend AFRM enough! The team at AFRM and Westlake IVF worked with my husband and I throughout the entire process, and I cannot imagine a better team of people to work with. When initially deciding whether to pursue IVF, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was incredibly patient and informative during our consultations, answering my many questions and providing me with both the information and the hope that I needed. Throughout the process he – and the entire team – remained absolutely supportive, while keeping me informed about each step I was taking. Kate Odenwald was also a fantastic resource and source of support. In addition to her work during our appointments, she always provided a quick and informative response to my many e-mails and phone calls about the minutiae of the process.

Everyone on the team got to know my husband and I during the process, and we really felt like we had the entire practice rooting for us in our journey. Each appointment was an opportunity to get reassurance and genuine care as we went through this difficult process. It might seem like a small token, but the smiles and warm greetings we received at all our appointments made what can be a very nerve-wracking process that much more pleasant. In the end, we were fortunate enough to conceive twins (due in the fall) after our first round of IVF! Being able to see our babies on the sonogram at 6 weeks was a moment I know we will treasure forever. We are so grateful to Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, and everyone at AFRM and Westlake IVF for allowing this miracle to happen!

5 Star Rating05/12/2015

Dr. K was excellent during our attempts to get pregnant. He listened to our concerns, we came  up with a plan, and eventually success! I would recommend him to anyone seeking a Doctor  with excellent bedside manners and patience through this difficult process.

5 Star Rating04/21/2015

Back in late 2013, my husband and I were not getting pregnant after many months of trying. I was informed by my OB that my labs showed a low AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) level and recommended I go see an infertility specialist. Dr. S. Kavoussi was highly recommended and my husband had seen his brother Dr. P. Kavoussi earlier that year. Dr. Kavoussi sat us down and was so thorough explained to us the likely hood of getting pregnant on our own due to my low levels. I asked if he would let me try some clomid first before we move straight to IVF. He was totally open to that and allowed me a few months to try with clomid. I appreciate how he didn’t shut down that idea right away. A few months went by and still no pregnancy. I was starting to feel like a failure and put a lot of pressure on myself and on my husband. We knew our next step was to move fwd with IVF. We sat down again with Dr. Kavoussi and Kate Odenwald, NP and they explained to us the processes in great detail.
We began our IVF journey in Sept 2014. We had one embryo out of the batch. We stayed hopeful and waited. In October we found we were not pregnant. Of course I was devastated. I had already felt like such a failure that my body was not doing what women are supposed to be able to do. And I felt ashamed when people would ask, “why haven’t you had a baby, you are not getting any younger” or the “you have been married forever and still no baby”. I took one day to allow myself to cry it out and feel sorry for myself. Dr. Kavoussi called me to check on me which made me feel great that he cared so much. He went on to say if and when you are ready to talk about some options come back into the office. A week later we sat with Dr. Kavoussi and he came up with a different game plan. I took a few months off to get thru the holidays and become mentally and physically prepared for round two. Jan 2015 we began the processes again and had the 3 most beautiful embryos. We decided to implant 2 and save the other. Late Jan we received the news that we were pregnant. I never thought I would ever hear those words come out of Kate. I was literally in shock for a few minutes. I am now 16 weeks pregnant with one baby and so far everything has been great.
I am so thankful for all the staff there. Dr. Kavoussi is genuinely a sincere and kindhearted physician. He gives hugs not just handshakes. As a registered nurse it’s refreshing to see a physician with great people skills. Kate Odenwald, that’s my girl!!! She has dealt with all my craziness. Being a super control freak, I was hesitant and scared in the beginning. I will never forget Kate told me early on, that I just needed to learn how to trust them and the process. She gave me constant reassurance. Debra was amazing dealing with the financial aspect of the IVF. Roxy (embryologist) such a sweet and kind lady. I loved her enthusiasm. She even made some recommendations for the baby’s name, “Roxy”. We consider her our first baby sitter since she watched over our embryos so closely. Marisol was very kind as well and helped make the experience better. And of course Casey, super sweet staff member who played a part in the process. When I told her the news of us being pregnant she was so excited for us. We even had a moment when we hugged and cried. All of you have played such an intricate part in helping my husband and I make this baby. I will be forever grateful for all the love and support we received from the staff.
Before I was embarrassed that I had to even go thru IVF. Because I felt less of a woman. Now that I have gone thru the process I have such a different outlook on IVF. When I tell people I am pregnant, I love to tell the story of how it came to be and how all these people put so much work into making this happen.
Much Love

5 Star Rating04/01/2015

Thank you for making our dreams come true! We have never been happier and thank God all day every day for this incredible miracle. We just adore our precious little guy!

5 Star Rating03/29/2015

Dear Dr. Shahryar K Kavoussi and Staff of Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine, my husband and I want to thank you.  Not just for the amazing work you do, but the love and support you gave to us throughout the process.  We welcomed our little miracle to our family a week ago !

5 Star Rating03/17/2015

Words can not even describe how thankful I am for Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and his staff. After years of dealing with severe menstrual pain and a year of unsuccessfully trying to start a family, I finally found a doctor who listened, who cared and was truly concerned about getting to the root of my problems. Sure enough, I had/have endometriosis, a condition that no prior doctor had even bothered to consider or treat. One laparoscopic procedure and 6 months of fertility treatments later, we have finally conceived our first child. I am certain this wouldn’t have been possible without the great care and guidance I received here. As excited as I am not to return for some time, I will very much miss visiting this practice and the smiling faces I’ve grown very fond of. Without hesitation, I wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere.

5 Star Rating02/17/2015

I saw Dr S Kavoussi last year and he is honestly one of the most genuine doctors I have ever met (and I work in a hospital). He is attentive and will not run you up with tests that he doesn’t think you need, or need just yet. He’s straightforward, caring, and understanding. We did one cycle of clomid and were pregnant the next month. I now have a beautiful baby boy :).

Go see him. He’s beyond amazing.

5 Star Rating02/02/2015

Dr. K.M. Kavoussi is very knowledgeable and diagnosed me when no one else could. I feel very confident and fortunate to have such a great doctor!

5 Star Rating01/02/2015

Hi Dr S! Hope you are having a good holiday season.  We are in Dallas now, and life is crazy with the baby, and we still think of you often.

5 Star Rating11/04/2014

Dr Kavoussi and your Westlake IVF staff, thanks a lot for all your help.  You guys are an Awesome Team !

5 Star Rating10/25/2014

Dr Kavoussi: thanks for everything that you do !  Thank you for being caring and so helpful all the time.  We really admire you not only as a professional but as a human being.  We are thankful that we found you and that we were able to work with you, it has been a wonderful experience.  Thanks for making our dream come true !  and our family grow !!  We will never be able to thank you enough for all your HELP.  Thanks 1000 times over !!

5 Star Rating09/16/2014

Dear Dr. Kavoussi, Kate, Debra, and everyone else that helped us along the way.  Thank you for giving us the chance to experience this incredible gift.  We’re about halfway through our pregnancy now and…  it’s a healthy baby GIRL !!  Now that we’re out in the “real world”, we realize just how much your team spoiled us with their extraordinary loving care.  You will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we hope to see you again someday soon for round two !

5 Star Rating09/08/2014

We were so comfortable from the very beginning with Dr. KM Kavoussi and EVERYONE on his staff. They educated us, advised us and supported us every step of the way. Kate Odenwald, RN the IVF coordinator is one of the best healthcare professionals I have ever had the fortune to work with. She was a rock for us both. We are pregnant (with twins) after our first round of IVF and we are so glad that we chose the best fertility clinic in Austin!

5 Star Rating08/24/2014

There are very few physicians who touch your life in a meaningful way. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is one of those physicians. My husband and I decided to start a family later in life (38 years) and spent almost a year working with another physician who lacked quality of care and used antiquated protocols. When we realized we were not going to be successful and had limited time left, we did a tremendous amount of research into clinics and physicians who not only had good success rates, but also based their practice on quality of care as their core mission. Once we met with Dr. Kavoussi we knew right away we found the right place and we were committed to working with him and his team through our journey towards fertility. Throughout the 2 year journey, Dr. Kavoussi was invested in our success. He knew us personally and ensured we took aggressive approaches within our limited timeframe of viable oocytes to ensure we were making the best use of our procedures. Finally on our 2nd IVF, through frozen embryo transfer, we had a little miracle and we were pregnant. I’m 12 weeks along and everything is progressing wonderfully so far. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kavoussi and his uncompromising commitment towards helping others build their families. I consider him the utmost gentleman and a dear friend.

5 Star Rating08/11/2014

Dr. S, I’m not sure we could ever fully convey our gratitude towards you for everything you have done to help make our dream of a family a reality. You are without a doubt the most caring and compassionate doctor we have ever encountered. Thank you for your knowledge, skill, professionalism, caring & responsiveness throughout this process. Your staff are all top notch and helped make our experience at Westlake IVF a great one ! We will not forget you and will be singing your praises for many years to come. We are so thankful for everything you have done for us !

5 Star Rating04/22/2014

Dear Dr. Kavoussi, we wanted to thank you for the miracle that you helped create in our life. It’s our precious, healthy little boy. We appreciate all that you and your staff did for us!

5 Star Rating03/12/2014

Dr. Kavoussi, our girls are 6 months old now, and perfect in every way ! We are so thankful for your support on our bumpy ride to parenthood. Your warmth and kindness helped us when we needed it most & we will always be grateful!

5 Star Rating01/07/2014

Excellent doctor and office staff!

We highly recommend Dr. Kavoussi! He helped keep us motivated and has excellent bedside manner. He answers all questions and gives you options. You never feel like you are being forced to do anything you are not ready to do like some doctors do. He listens and is always kind and welcoming, as are all of his staff. He is the best doctor in any field we have ever met and most importantly he helped us get pregnant! If we decide to have a second baby we will be returning even though we travel around 45 miles to get to his Westlake office. He and his staff are worth it! My husband and I both wish we could keep him as our OB and have him deliver our baby, that is how happy we were with him.

5 Star Rating12/04/2013

Best Doc in Austin

I have never dealt with such an amazing doctor, and now I can’t stop raving about him.  Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi’s bedside manner should be the model for how all doctors should deal with patients.  He makes you feel like your issues are his own, and that they will be overcome and you will get pregnant (the goal of going to see him).  He takes time to answer questions, deals with you human to human (rather than doctor/patient) and absolutely completely knows his line of work.

5 Star Rating10/28/2013

Dear Dr. Kavoussi & Staff, wanted to share the “amazing” newest addition to our lives, our baby boy.  He was a touch on the early side but has pretty much excelled ever since !  This is of course all in thanks to you !  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We had no idea this kind of happiness was possible.  You gave us our world.

5 Star Rating10/11/2013

I went with my daughter to her first ap’t with Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi.  She has been trying for 3 years to conceive and Dr K was so sweet, caring and the most patient doctor I have ever encountered.  He literally spent about 1 hr and 15min with us answering all questions we had.  Never felt rushed.  He is very compassionate to his patients and he really does treat them as if they are his only patient.  How many doctors call their patients on a Friday night at 7 pm to see how they are doing?  HIGHLY, HIGHLY  recommend.  He goes above and beyond for his patients.  I truly believe my daughter will become pregnant soon.  Thank you God for sending us Dr. Kavoussi.

5 Star Rating10/07/2013

Dr. Kavoussi, Thank you so much for all your help through our fertility journey.  You truly are a wonderful Dr, and we never had any fears we weren’t in good hands.  Your kindness made this difficult process just a bit easier.

5 Star Rating07/22/2013

Thank you so much, Dr Shahryar Kavoussi.  You did an amazing job on my tubal ligation reversal.  My husband and I can’t wait to start trying for that baby.

5 Star Rating06/04/2013

You guys made one of the hardest experiences of our life, one of the best experiences of our life.  Thank You So Much !  Proud parents of our new baby

5 Star Rating05/24/2013

My husband and I tried to have a baby for years before we went to Dr. Kavoussi. After I was injured in the Army, I also found out I had endometriosis. My husband and I were limited on time since he was only home for a year between deployments. So, time was not on our side. Dr. Kavoussi enabled us to get pregnant on the first try. Our daughter just turned 4 years old on May 20th. She is the light of our lives. She is happy, healthy, and in gymnastics. You and your staff were amazing and supportive throughout the whole process. Thank you for everything!

5 Star Rating05/14/2013

Thank you for all your support and help with our journey.  We couldn’t be happier !  Our little man is perfect, and we couldn’t have done it at all without you and your wonderful staff.  Thank you for our little miracle!

5 Star Rating04/02/2013

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi & Westlake Staff, thank you so much for making my experience a lot easier for me.  You’re all amazing and caring.  If I ever need to refer anyone, you’re the people I will suggest.  Again, thank you.

5 Star Rating03/13/2013

We are working with both Dr Parvis and Shahyrar Kavoussi from a recommendation from my OB/GYN and we have been extremely happy. They are both incredibly professional and I was surprised by the personal attention we have gotten. We are in good hands during such a tough time.