Female Patient Testimonials

Dr. Kavoussi and Amy are awesome.  Go above and beyond.  Take calls at all times and are very personal thru a very personal and emotional process.  First try was a...

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My miracle babies just turned 7 years old and I still think about how kind and caring Dr SK was all the time. He truly cared and was so empathetic...

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If you were looking for not only the greatest doctor in Austin, but a friend, mentor, someone who relates to you, someone who is unconditionally by your side, never rushes...

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If you are struggling and maybe even losing hope, it is worth your time to go visit Austin Fertility before you give up!  Not only did they give us hope...

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Dear Dr. Kavoussi and everyone at Westlake IVF, Thank you again for everything you did for us this past year!  Have a wonderful Christmas!

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When I started looking for IVF locations, I was so nervous. I was new to Texas and IVF here and didn’t know anybody to ask for experiences or opinions I...

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