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The Sperm Process

What’s involved in the development of sperm?

Approximately 123 million sperm are produced within male testes each and every day once men reach sexual maturity. That figure evokes a picture of sperm production operating at breakneck speed, which is not a completely accurate picture. It actually takes a little more than two months for each […]

First Live Birth IVF/ICSI with Oocytes from IVF Conceived Donor

The physicians, clinical team, and embryology team at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine helped a couple achieve a successful pregnancy by means of IVF/ICSI with donor oocytes from an oocyte donor who herself had been conceived via IVF.  The anonymous oocyte donor had previously delivered two children of her own that she had conceived […]

BPA Tied to Decline in Male Fertility

Researchers are beginning to think that plastics could be to blame for the decrease in male fertility over time as a population. A study published in PLOS Genetics suggests that bisphenol A (BPA), a compound found in many plastics, could be an environmental factor leading to lessened sperm production. The Washington University researchers believe […]

Can Double Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) improve Pregnancy Outcomes?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is typically performed the day after a positive leutinizing hormone (LH) surge or 24-36 hours after an injection of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), which is also called a “trigger injection” which serves the function of an LH surge.  The timing of the IUI is critical in order to maximize the pregnancy […]

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi gives European lecture series on robot assisted vasectomy reversal.

As an internationally recognized leading expert in robot assisted vasectomy reversal, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi was invited as a faculty guest lecturer in European conferences. Dr.Kavoussi discussed the surgical advantages and advances of applying robot assistance to microsurgical vasectomy reversal. As a renowned leader in this operation with peer reviewed published excellent outcomes in the medical literature, […]

Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF presents research findings that AMH predicts surplus good quality blastocyst cryopreservation at the 71st annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting in Baltimore.

The medical and embryology teams at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF, in a collaborative study with the medical and embryology teams at The University of Wisconsin – Madison Generations Fertility Care, presented research at the 71st annual American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) meeting in Baltimore on October 20th.
“Our research showed that AMH […]

FAQ: What is a vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy is a minor procedure where the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicle to the semen, is divided and blocked to not allow sperm to reach the semen for contraception. A vasectomy reversal reconnects the two ends of the divided vas deferens to allow sperm to return to the […]

What happens post embryo transfer?

After embryo transfer, although it is not mandatory, we ask that our patients have a modified bed rest for 3 days. The patient continues estrogen and progesterone supplementation through the time of the pregnancy test and if the pregnancy test is positive and the pregnancy progresses well, she continues the estrogen and progesterone supplements […]

A Biological Clock for Men: Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Talks About Paternal Age and Male Fertility on Fox 7 News

It has been well established that ovarian reserve and egg quality decline in women as they age contributing to subfertility.  A recent study suggests that aging may impact a man’s fertility potential as well.  An animal study was performed in a mouse model demonstrating that mid-life mice, comparable to men in their mid 40’s […]

Tips on Improving Sperm Health

Behavior and environmental factors can have a huge impact on men’s fertility. Studies have indicated factors including health issues, alcohol consumption, marijuana usage, aluminum exposure, and cell phone radiation can be detrimental to sperm health. Renowned Austin based Reproductive Urologist, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, provides some tips for men who want to improve their fertility:

1. […]