First Live Birth IVF/ICSI with Oocytes from IVF Conceived Donor

The physicians, clinical team, and embryology team at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine helped a couple achieve a successful pregnancy by means of IVF/ICSI with donor oocytes from an oocyte donor who herself had been conceived via IVF.  The anonymous oocyte donor had previously delivered two children of her own that she had conceived without difficulty and was interested in donating oocytes to a couple who was having difficulty achieving pregnancy due to the intended mother’s age of 42 and diminished ovarian reserve.

“The oocyte donor had made a statement that since she herself had been conceived via IVF, she was raised by her parents to have a great appreciation for the IVF process.  Furthermore, she had a desire to help couples who could not have children without assistance,” states Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi.  “Many women who were conceived via IVF have reached reproductive age and have had children of their own.  Our publication in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics further supports the idea that women conceived via IVF have good fertility potential”.

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