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A Biological Clock for Men: Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Talks About Paternal Age and Male Fertility on Fox 7 News

It has been well established that ovarian reserve and egg quality decline in women as they age contributing to subfertility.  A recent study suggests that aging may impact a man’s fertility potential as well.  An animal study was performed in a mouse model demonstrating that mid-life mice, comparable to men in their mid 40’s had a more difficult time conceiving with their female counterparts.  This study adds to the body of data in the literature on this topic.  Although it leaves a lot of questions unanswered it raises the question.  Dr. Kavoussi was interviewed on Fox 7 News regarding this article.  Dr. Kavoussi stated, “ There are actually an awful lot of studies that have been done trying to assess the importance of a man’s age on his fertility potential.  Although there are studies that show a diminishment in sperm parameters as men age, the question is, is that diminishment enough to really impact the man’s fertility.  The problem is that there are a lot of contradictory studies out there with conflicting results, so the jury is still out on this topic.”  Further studies with better methodology are needed to help with the understanding of paternal age on fertility.

Watch Dr. Kavoussi’s interview on Fox 7 News below:

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