Do Uterine Fibroids Affect Fertility?

Uterine Fibroids & Austin Fertility

What are uterine fibroids? Uterine fibroids, also known as uterine “leiomyomata” or “myomas”, are solid masses arising from the smooth muscle cells that form the uterine musculature, also known as the myometrium.  They are present in 30-50% of women and, although they can occur in women of any ethnic background, uterine fibroids are more common […]

Men with Klinefelter’s Syndrome Can Be Fathers

Klinefelter Syndrome Austin Fertility

One in 500 males in the population is born with a specific variation in their chromosome makeup.  As the typical man has a karyotype (chromosome makeup) of 46, XY, men with Klinefelter’s Syndrome (KS) have an extra X chromosome, 47, XXY.  Men with KS have no sperm in the semen, except for the rare exception […]

With Infertility, Eating Bigger Breakfast Can Make all the Difference.

For women battling infertility, breakfast truly may be the most important meal of the day. Eating the largest meal in the morning instead of the evening can result in higher rates of ovulation in some women struggling with infertility, according to a recent study by scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv […]

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi on Blog Radio Show Pelvic Zen (February 2014)

In February 2014, Dr Parviz Kavoussi was a guest on the blog radio show Pelvic Zen, during which Dr. Kavoussi discussed what patients need to know to prepare for a vasectomy and what they should expect afterwards. He also discussed vasectomy reversals, how commonly they are performed, expected success rates, and what factors predict the […]

Austin Fit Magazine April 2014 “Fitness Improves Outcomes for Infertile Couples

Couples are more likely to enhance their fertility with fitness, according to the recent article “Assisted Reproductive Technologies Benefit from Better Health” in the April, 2014 issue of Austin Fit Magazine. Penned by Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi of Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF, the article discusses the important and sometimes critical […]

Pregnancy Test Helps a Man get Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer

[cbc_video id=”5086″ volume=”50″ width=”900″ aspect_ratio=”16×9″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″]   This is an amazing story of a man who jokingly takes a pregnancy test that his ex-girlfriend left behind. It gives a positive reading and he posts this online when he gets some feedback telling him to see a doctor as this could have worrisome implications. He is ultimately […]