In-house Andrology Services

The Importance of In-House Andrology Lab Services

An andrology lab provides key services required for fertility care and treatment. At Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF, comprehensive fertility care is the philosophy, not just clinically but from a laboratory assessment standpoint as well.  AFRM/WIVF offers male fertility testing at our 3 high complexity andrology laboratories located in Westlake, South Austin, and Round Rock. The advantage of “in-house” andrology laboratories is reproducible, reliable results with fast turnaround.  These laboratories offer conventional semen analysis as well as more complex testing such as testing for white blood cells in cases of possible infection, anti-sperm antibody testing, sperm viability testing, and sperm DNA fragmentation testing for selected patients.  

Originally providing these diagnostic andrology services at its Westlake clinic, AFRM has expanded these services to its South Austin and most recently Round Rock locations. “Providing accessible and quick turn around to dependable andrology services in all our locations allows us to serve the needs of male patients in the Greater Austin and Round Rock communities,” states Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, AFRM’s male fertility specialist.