Dr. Parviz Kavoussi speaker agenda

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi presents on testicular salvage at Texas Endocrine Association Meeting

As more and more men are being diagnosed with testosterone deficiency (TD) at a younger age and as more men are waiting longer to build their families, there is a significant overlap in men requiring treatment for TD and wanting to maintain fertility. One of the challenges with administering testosterone therapy to men in this situation is it suppresses sperm production, typically to zero or nearly zero.  Dr. Kavoussi was invited as a faculty speaker to discuss medications and strategies to treat TD in a fertility preserving manner in men who already have fertility suppressed by testosterone therapy at the Texas Endocrine Association meeting. Dr. Kavoussi states, “There are traditional treatment options and now we have new options thinking outside the box a bit but doing so cautiously and with close follow up.  It was very exciting to share these strategies with colleagues from all over the state.”