Dr. Kavoussi Attends the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction at the American Urological Association National Meeting

The physicians at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine feel very strongly about the importance of staying up to date on the cutting edge research in the field. Besides being leaders in the field and staying actively involved in clinical and basic science research to continue to advance the field, they also attend a number of national scientific meetings annually to stay up to date, as well to present the research that they are doing.

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi leaves this week for the 2014 American Urological Association (AUA) national annual meeting. This is a premier urological meeting where more than 15,000 urologists from around the world typically attend. Of particular interest for Dr. Kavoussi is the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction, www.ssmr.org, (SSMR) sessions at the AUA meeting. The SSMR’s purpose is to encourage the study, to elevate the practice, and to improve the quality of care of the subfertile male. Dr. Kavoussi has been a member of the AUA since 2004 and a member of the SSMR since 2010. Dr. Kavoussi states “attending the SSMR sessions at the AUA is always the highlight of the meeting for me. It is a great opportunity to see what research other experts and friends in the field from around the country are doing, and there is potential for bringing home new knowledge that can be implemented in practice to improve the care of our subfertile patients. As reproductive medicine is one of the most quickly changing and advancing fields in medicine, with the highest level of technology with ever changing practices, we are always learning. It is crucial to stay on the cutting edge of knowledge to keep learning to provide better care for our patients, year after year.”