Austin IVF & Fertility Expert Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi Lists Top 10 Questions to Ask During Consultation

What are the top 10 questions a couple should ask during their consultation with a fertility specialist? Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi, a board certified fertility physician at Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, provides his list of the top 10 questions:

•           What are the tests necessary to evaluate our fertility potential?

•           What are the best fertility treatment options for us?

•           How can we optimize our fertility potential (for example: diet, timing of intercourse)?

•           What is the risk of multiple gestation with certain fertility medications?

•           What are common side effects from certain fertility medications?

•           How many times should we try a given fertility treatment option?

•           Does laparoscopic surgery have a role in evaluating my fertility?

•           What are my chances of successful pregnancy with IVF?

•           What are the risks, including multiple gestation, with IVF?

•           What are the best resources for accurate information regarding fertility treatments/IVF?


Dr. Kavoussi recommends that couples consult with a board certified reproductive endocrinologist and/or reproductive urologist to help determine fertility options. Board certifications are distinctions recognized by The American Board of Medical Specialties (ASMS) after undergoing specialty training. Additionally, the consultation will be a good time in finding more information about the physician to see if it’s good match for prospective patients – certifications, years of experience, patient care and approach.

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