Dr. Dan Lebovic

Austin Fertility’s Newest Physician: Dr. Dan Lebovic

Austin Fertility is excited that Dr. Dan Lebovic has joined the clinic. Specializing in reproductive endocrinology and fertility, Dr. Lebovic’s clinical and research experience will be invaluable in helping patients with their family building goals. Learn more about him by reading his bio and CV.

We had an opportunity to ask him some questions. Here’s what he has to say:

What inspired you to become a physician?
I was exposed to a few cousins in medicine that lived in Los Angeles with us and they provided great role models for a profession I saw as a terrific way to get to know people intimately and to try to make a positive difference in their lives. At the same time, it allowed for me to have more understanding of my own health as well as family members and friends in the years to come–this seemed a great empowerment offshoot for a profession.  I have always been drawn to teaching and even considered a career as a college professor before gaining more confidence in my decision for the medical profession during courses at Berkeley where there were several teachers that served as notable mentors for years to come.  Helping others at times of need in a profession that is continually striving for improvement is a positive motivator loop.  This has kept me galvanized to this day to do better for patients and find new ways to improve health care delivery from all aspects; starting with basic levels of understanding all the way to explaining the most advanced technology that we can employ for patients’ benefit.


Why did you decide to specialize in reproductive endocrinology?
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility seemed like a superb blend of (a) my background studies in graduate school (Masters in Endocrinology), (b) cutting edge technology, (c) office practice as well as (d) minor surgical procedures. The ever-changing landscape of our field has proven to keep me on my toes and intellectually curious for the well-being of our patients. While not every patient meets with success on the first try, the vast majority eventually end up conceiving. Finding the appropriate balance between intrusiveness of the treatment plan, success rates, affordability and adverse effects is a challenging endeavor yet is at the forefront of our daily discussions with patients. Using a combination of age-old tried-and-true regimens proven to be reliable and effective in conjunction with more advanced treatment is the crux of infertility treatment and weighing the risks/benefits with patients keeps me humble (I hope!) yet realistic.


Why did you decide to join the AFRM team?
In the late 1990s while on faculty at the University of Michigan OB/GYN REI Division we were fortunate enough to have Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi as an REI fellow. During his time there we bonded and became best of friends which has been maintained ever since. While together in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we collaborated on research projects and have continued to publish. I was fortunate to get to know his family better over the years as well at national conferences such as ASRM and during visits to Austin. The fact that his brother, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, is also a founding AFRM team member on the Male fertility side is a blessing and unicorn of an infertility practice. I did my OB/GYN residency in Charlottesville, VA (University of Virginia, UVA) where Dr. Parviz Kavoussi did his Male Fertility fellowship training and I know his professors from UVA very well. The opportunity to work with both Kavoussi’s as well as their outstanding recent recruits on either end of the fertility spectrum (male/female) is a dream come true.  Combine the above with the fact that Austin is more popular than ever and ever growing means the practice will most certainly grow as well which is a great service to the community. I am blessed and honored to have the opportunity to contribute to this effort.


What’s one of your favorite places you’ve lived? What makes it special?
I have been quite fortunate to live in some pretty amazing place in the United States during my education and medical training.  Some examples include Berkeley (CA), Washington (D.C.), Charlottesville (VA), Ann Arbor (MI) and Madison (WI). But, I’d have to say, my 4 years spent in San Francisco during REI Fellowship and junior faculty was most special.  Of course, San Francisco has changed quite a bit from the late 1990s when I was there. I lived right off of Golden Gate Park and could hear the foghorns near the Golden Gate Bridge from my apartment. The mystique of the city wrapped in all its geographical glory was a daily blessing. Of course, the people I associated with at the time shine just as bright in my mind to this day as does the Ford Falcon I bought while there and had its engine freeze on me within a few weeks of ownership!  However, this did lead me to a Mazda Miata that fit in quite nicely with the City by the Bay!  Fond memories and a great place to visit.


What made you decide to move down to Texas?
After spending my first 20+ years in California and then the last 20+ years in the Midwest it was time for me to split the geographical divide (and finally say good riddance to the snow blower!) and embrace the opportunity to join AFRM in Austin, TX. A city in Texas that offers year-long outdoors activities (including canoeing, biking and Vespa riding!), tremendous live-arts scene and a booming economy.  Being able to work at such a unique clinic with such good friends that happens to be in Austin is a culmination of several good fortunes!


What new hobbies and activities you want to pursue?
My son has taken a liking to skateboarding and using a futuristic electric OneWheel. As an offshoot of these, I certainly wouldn’t mind exploring either an electric or foot-powered longboard. I used to be an avid in-line skater so the longboard could be a nice evolution. Given the long, frigid winters of Minneapolis I haven’t had the motivation to try running and I would imagine this is a ripe opportunity in Austin. To that end I would also be more enthusiastic to rehabilitate my tennis game especially since my wife and son play regularly. Lastly, I have a good friend in Santa Barbara who has extensive experience with grafting fruit trees and in many ways this would take me back to my childhood in Los Angeles where we had many fruit trees in our backyard. I plan to plant fruit trees with the tutelage of my friend and share the responsibilities and rewards with my family.