FAQ: How does a fertility specialist recommend the best treatment plan?


In order to offer the best treatment plan from a female fertility standpoint, the female patient’s age, medical and surgical history, time spent trying to conceive, as well as physical exam and ultrasound findings are important as part of data gathering and evaluation. Testing such as ovarian reserve assessment, hormone profile testing as well as […]

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing: A Higher Level of Evaluating Male Infertility

Male Infertility Sperm DNA Fragmentation

As male factor contributes to 60% of couples struggling with infertility, we have been striving for better ways to evaluate the subfertile male.  The standard evaluation of the male partner includes a semen analysis which assesses the sperm count, motility (percent moving), forward progression (percent swimming in a linear, rapid, directional manner), and morphology (percentage […]

Austin Fertility Receives “Best Fertility Specialist” Nomination


We are proud to be nominated as the “Best Fertility Specialist” in the Austin Birth Awards for 2017, which commemorates local businesses for going above and beyond in providing outstanding services. Thanks for the privilege in serving the community. Support us by casting your vote today! Voting ends on September 18, 2017.

FAQ: What is the waiting period between each IVF cycle?


According to our clinical experience as well as the existing medical literature, there is no difference in a patient’s IVF success rate whether or not there is a waiting period between IVF cycles.  This applies to fresh IVF cycles as well as FET cycles

FAQ: What are the different types of sperm retrievals when it is due to an anatomic blockage?

sperm retrieval

In those cases in which a man has a  blockage (non-surgically correctable) that prevents the sperm to reach the semen, several options still exist for sperm retrieval that may be utilized in combination with assisted reproductive techniques (ART), including  in vitro fertilization (IVF), to successfully achieve a pregnancy. Sperm retrieval may be accomplished via several […]

Selecting a Fertility Center


Ready to seek fertility assistance? You might be inundated with so much information that makes selecting a fertility center seem like a daunting task. Here are some tips that will help couples determine the right physicians and fertility center: Couples Approach It takes two – both a man and a woman are needed to successfully conceive a baby. Comprehensive fertility care is […]

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi is named as a 2017 Texas Monthly Super Doctor

Parviz Kavoussi 2017 Texas Super Doctors

Dr. Kavoussi is named as a Texas Monthly Magazine Super Doctor for the 6th consecutive year.  These handful of physicians are selected based on peer recognition, professional achievement, and disciplinary history.  Doctors from each specialty with the highest scores from each group are invited to serve on a blue ribbon panel to evaluate the candidates […]