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Why Day 5 or 6 trophectoderm biopsy is preferred instead of Day 3 embryo biopsy for preimplantation genetic screening/preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGS/PGD)

In some cases, genetic screening and/or testing of embryos may be indicated. Genetic testing of an embryo requires embryo biopsy, a procedure which is performed by an experienced, skilled embryologist in order to obtain cells from an embryo that can be analyzed for preimplantation genetic screening/preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGS/PGD). The embryo’s cells […]

All varicocele repairs are not created equal: what to know before you have your varicocele repaired

A varicocele is a dilation of veins surrounding the testicle. Forty percent of men with infertility have a varicocele, which is the most correctable cause of male infertility. Varicoceles have been shown to have a negative impact on semen parameters such as sperm count, motility (ability of sperm to swim), and morphology […]

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is Interviewed on KVUE ABC on Ovarian Reserve Testing Inaccuracy while on Birth Control

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is interviewed by KVUE ABC News’ Jim Bergamo about the effects that current birth control use has on ovarian reserve testing.  The interview focuses on the high potential for inaccurate results of ovarian reserve tests such as Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) and antral follicle count (AFC) if a woman is taking birth […]

Space Travel Damages Sperm Cells

Space travel may damage sperm cells and cause infertility, according to a new study completed by
researchers from the University of Kansas. For the study, male rats were placed in a situation that
mimicked zero gravity. After being in these conditions, the rats still had a strong urge to mate, but they
were unable to produce functional […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Sperm Health

While male infertility is not always preventable, there are things that men can do to protect the health of
their sperm cells. Recent scientific studies in the field of male infertility provide quite a few simple
suggestions for men interested in optimizing their fertility.

Recommendations to get enough sleep, incorporate healthy foods like carrots and walnuts into […]