Was reluctant to see a male doc, but glad I did!

I was referred to Dr. S Kavoussi when an infertility evaluation indicated that I had a blocked fallopian tube and would have difficulty conceiving due to a very irregular cycle. I was *very* hesistant to see a male doctor, but he was the only reproductive endocrinologist that my insurance would cover.

I’m now GLAD that he was the only option because it has been a FANTASTIC experience and he’s truly the best doctor I’ve ever seen. He is caring, attentive, detailed, thoughtful, professional, knowledgeable and understanding! My questions were always answered promptly, my concerns were always addressed and when I was finally successful conceiving – the doc seemed truly happy for me. That meant a lot.

Sure the office is a little outdated, but I’d MUCH rather have a GREAT doctor then a flashy office, and he definitely is.