Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.  He takes his time explaining everything, he looks at you in the eye, makes calls to you himself, and becomes invested in your journey even after.  He is gentle and caring, informative and honest, and a calm presence.  When we first arrived, compared to our previous clinic, we felt immediately at ease.  Dr. Kavoussi’s nurse practitioner is amazing!  She’s caring and knowledgeable, kind and whip smart.  Any time Dr. Kavoussi wasn’t available right away, she was competent and helpful in the same way.  I never felt like I left without getting the best care.  She’s also super sweet!  We had previously been with a doctor that couldn’t care less about us.  We were just money to him.  When we switched clinics we instantly knew we’d made the right choice.  Dr. Kavoussi was present at every appointment in some way.  Always remembering intimate details of our life.  he took all the time in the world with us and never made us feel rushed or like he wanted to leave.  He made me feel seen, heard, and understood.  Our first IVF cycle with him gave us our son, and I will always be forever grateful.  He’s also performed my endometriosis surgery and took such amazing care of me, checking on me himself the next day and then meeting me to go over his findings, something my previous doctor didn’t do.  He truly is a kind, kind man, who has our best interest at heart.  He will not push for extra treatments and will give you the straight answer every time.