Well, here it is, the review that will save you time shopping around for the right Dr. to help you grow your family. Dr. Kavoussi is great to speak with, and he’s very straightforward with describing procedures and expectations. I initially had a vasectomy just over a decade back, and it was performed by a relatively young Dr. that placed the clips a bit too low. Dr. Kavoussi stated I was one of his most difficult reversal surgeries, yet it was shortly after the six week recovery period that we had the news that we were expecting. Friends and family were pleasantly surprised about the time frame that we saw results, and it really goes to show how much effort this team puts in when it comes to dealing with complex surgeries like mine. Recovery was fast and didn’t involve much pain at all despite my situation requiring a longer surgery and some bigger incisions. I’m eternally grateful to have the opportunity to have a family after rebuilding my life, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of Dr. Kavoussi and his wonderful team. Thanks again!!!