There are very few physicians who touch your life in a meaningful way. Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is one of those physicians. My husband and I decided to start a family later in life (38 years) and spent almost a year working with another physician who lacked quality of care and used antiquated protocols. When we realized we were not going to be successful and had limited time left, we did a tremendous amount of research into clinics and physicians who not only had good success rates, but also based their practice on quality of care as their core mission. Once we met with Dr. Kavoussi we knew right away we found the right place and we were committed to working with him and his team through our journey towards fertility. Throughout the 2 year journey, Dr. Kavoussi was invested in our success. He knew us personally and ensured we took aggressive approaches within our limited timeframe of viable oocytes to ensure we were making the best use of our procedures. Finally on our 2nd IVF, through frozen embryo transfer, we had a little miracle and we were pregnant. I’m 12 weeks along and everything is progressing wonderfully so far. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kavoussi and his uncompromising commitment towards helping others build their families. I consider him the utmost gentleman and a dear friend.