I had a really bad experience with my first fertility doctor and moving to this clinic was the best decision I made regarding treatment. It was clear from the outset that this clinic are experts in the fertility field. They are also well-organized and efficient. This is important as we were traveling 50 minutes one-way to the clinic while working full-time. They were prompt, took time to explain things, answered all of our questions, and had flexible scheduling. I have no negative things to say about them. As someone who works in sales, my job for 17 years has been reading people and both verbal and non-verbal communication. You are treated so kindly here. The doctor and his staff are available for questions and to explain treatment, quick turn around on phone calls/questions, and I know this sounds silly, but Dr. Kavoussi has kindness in his mannerisms and eyes. The nursing staff is AMAZING! I will never forget the day we left the clinic and “graduated” to our regular OB/GYN in my first trimester. It was a bid deal to us. We were emotional due to the journey and so appreciative of the care we’d received that my husband and I were both crying. The staff was doing the same thing by our side. They honestly care, and it shows. We are so thankful for them. My advice to anyone trying to decide between different fertility clinics in Austin, is don’t overthink or second guess, go ahead and schedule a consultation, once you meet Dr. Kavoussi you will know you made the right decision. He is truly an expert in this field and knows what he’s doing.