Hydrocelectomy and Vasectomy at the same time. Dr. Kavoussi has real talent. My recovery has been much faster than expected, I was working (from my zero gravity recliner and laptop) the same day as the procedure. The quality of the work is so perfect, I’m almost inclined to make the closure of the amazingly small incision my social media profile picture.

Guys, if you are self aspirating a hydrocele as I was – don’t be put off by the caveman technique for this surgery shown on YouTube. This procedure as implemented by Dr. Kavoussi is nothing like that and again, the man has serious talent. I’m a fanatical perfectionist in my own profession and I’m very critical of people that don’t do stuff right, I’m rarely impressed by anyone in any profession. With the work done here though, I’m beyond impressed, I’m astounded by the quality.