I started seeing Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi in February, and I have been so incredibly impressed with the care I’ve received from his office. Dr. Kavoussi is absolutely wonderful. He is kind and seems to genuinely care about his patients. He has listened to me and taken my concerns seriously, and he does a great job of explaining what he plans to do and why he plans to do it. I feel like he takes a very measured approach, so I don’t feel like I’m being pushed through a factory but am getting care that is specific to my situation. He is optimistic and reassuring without loading you up with false hope. He welcomes answering questions and addressing concerns, and I’ve never felt rushed or dismissed with him. Apart from when he’s been delivering bad news, he always has a smile on his face and the most calm, pleasant, reassuring demeanor. After hearing so many horror stories about RE’s who are terribly insensitive to their patients going through heartbreaking experiences, I can’t say how grateful I have been for Dr. Kavoussi’s kindness and sensitivity, and all of my experiences with everyone else in his office have been much the same. The whole practice seems to take the “care” part of treatment seriously.

In terms of treatment, I feel like Dr. Kavoussi really knows what he’s doing and is up on the latest studies, standards, and treatments and that I’m getting the best possible care from someone interested in giving his patients the best possible outcomes, without being worried about his ego or being wrong. I think it goes back to the fact that this practice seems to put their patients and their patients’ experiences first, and that is the best possible thing you could hope to find in a doctor.