The clinic was well organized like a well oiled machine.  The staff was kind and compassionate.  Dr. Kavoussi is very kind.  He took his time in making sure we understood his game plan and answered all of our questions.  He was genuinely interested in our cycles and he personally called us to let us know the results.  The nurses and coordinator were very helpful, answered all questions and showed much compassion.  We felt that Dr. Kavoussi was the right choice after our first meeting.  His brother Dr. Parviz Kavoussi performed the successful sperm retrieval on my husband.  He was kind and took our concerns to heart.  I was only 26 when we started the process and had no concerns about my fertility but had to perform IVF because of male factor issues.  Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi made us feel confident that we had a great chance to conceive.  If you have concerns, ask many questions and ask for additional testing if you feel it necessary.