The infertility road can be a very lonely, hopeless, and stressful one. IVF is usually the last resort or only bit of hope most couples have after trying all other options first, or being diagnosed with something untreatable that requires IVF. So choosing a fertility doctor is one of the most important factors, if not THE most important factor, when it comes to IVF success. My husband was diagnosed with severe male infertility factor at 3 million sperm per cc. We thought about doing the varicocele surgery to correct it, but it was unlikely that the semen quality would improve enough after varicocele repair to result in pregnancy without inseminations or IVF. So, something that could have been a simple fix wasn’t so simple after all because of the numbers, so we decided to stop wasting time and go straight to IVF. We chose Dr. Kavoussi because I didn’t want to go to the huge fertility center in town that everyone else goes to because I wanted it to feel more personal. As SOON as we met Dr. Kavoussi at our consultation, we knew we had made the right choice. His calm and confident disposition really comforted us and he explained everything that we would be going through in very great detail with such knowledge and expertise that we were blown away. After that first consultation, with much thanks to the extremely competent office staff and other nurses, getting everything else set up was an easy process. We got phone calls along the way describing the next steps (and yes, there are a lot of them!) and all of our questions were answered each time, without us even having to ask. Kate and everyone else at Westlake IVF made sure to make us feel like they were all invested in our outcome. We ended up being able to retrieve 24 eggs, and 16 fertilized. Out of those 16, 9 made it to blastocyst stage which made us happy beyond belief. On the day of our embryo transfer, we were the only ones there along with the medical staff. It was on a Sunday and I remember thinking, wow, this clinic is open solely for us right now. Fast forward to now, and I am 12 weeks pregnant and can’t believe I am even typing that! I am BEYOND happy to have chosen such an amazing facility and group of people to help us achieve our dream of a baby. If you are considering IVF, make an appointment with Dr. Kavoussi, you will NOT be disappointed.