Like an IVF cycle, this is a big time commitment.  They have a Westlake and South office which helps.  Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi never rushed appointments, he answered all my questions, and empathized greatly.  He appreciated the intensity and the emotions around this experience, and we felt like he truly cared.  He is a kind, comprehensive, well-informed doctor.  He went through all the pros and cons, and showed great compassion.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions, he will answer them and wants you to feel as comfortable as possible in this process.  As for my protocol, it didn’t result in any negative side effects for me.  The financial coordinator gives an easy to understand breakdown of costs, medications, procedures, etc.  For our first cycle they respected that I wanted to do a single embryo transfer, and in all discussions about future cycles, they have been supportive of doing a single transfer as well.  In the end we have our healthy son and a few frozen embryos.  I trust Dr. Kavoussi and his practice, and we will return again.