Highly Recommend Dr. S. Kavoussi!

I originally saw Dr. S. Kavoussi for suspected Endometriosis and Fertility problems. He was the first doctor to take me seriously and suggest a plan of action. Since then I’ve had one surgery, several consults and several rounds of fertility treatment. He has been patient, positive and kind the entire way through this difficult journey. Dr. S. Kavoussi never rushed me or made me feel stupid for asking questions. He always seemed genuinely concerned with how I was doing. I also appreciated that he never pushed treatments and always allowed me to go at my own pace. I saw him for appointments twice on weekends and had several personal calls from him after surgery and blood work. My husband and I joke about how he must never get to go on vacations. He is always so available for his patients. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help with fertility or endometriosis.