We had to see both Dr. PK and Dr. SK. Both are amazing doctors. Kind, understanding, up on research, intelligent, and honest. I also appreciated that they spoke to me like a professional. I have experience researching endocrine systems and didn’t need things to be put in laymen terms. They *heard* me and we conversed on a level I felt appropriate.

An important note- Dr. PK is very well known for his success rates with azoospermia patients. And their clinic is very comfortable handling delicate Micro-TESE sperm.

Also, my husband is an immigrant who is shy with his English. They never made him feel unwelcome or stupid. He likes all of them a lot as well.

They worked with us in so many ways, I felt like the entire office was on our side. I still feel like they are on our side.

After our retrieval, my progesterone was too high and we had to wait to do a frozen transfer. I’m glad I trusted this wisdom. We did another saline ultrasound during the wait and found more polyps. A quick surgery removed them and we did the frozen transfer a few weeks later. While I’m not sure how this will all end, my husband and I have a positive pregnancy blood test today. With our own eggs and sperm. Pretty awesome for a couple with azoospermia and a fibroid and polyp history. Bottom line – we trusted their wisdom and guidance and are glad we did.