After having two different tubal pregnancies, my OBGYN suggested it would be my best option to look into IVF if I wanted to become pregnant.  Dr. S. Kavoussi, Kate, and the entire team at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine made my journey such a wonderful process for my husband and I.  I couldn’t recommend a better team to assist you during this sensitive/important time in your life.  After going through our second round of IVF, I am now eight months pregnant with our baby girl that is due at the beginning of March.  I have never had any doctor who I’ve felt cared so much for my well being and for what I wanted.  It’s almost as if time doesn’t matter with the staff at Austin Fertility.  I’ve received calls from the embryologist on Saturday mornings to follow up and even a call at 8pm on a Friday night from Dr. Kavoussi, inquiring how I’m felling after a procedure.  This was our first experience with IVF and the process, so there were a million questions asked.  Thank you Kate, for answering all of them along with all of my emails and phone calls.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Kavoussi and his team and they will always hold a special place in our hearts!