FAQ: What are success rates for vasectomy reversal based on and what are Dr. Parviz Kavoussi’s success rates?

Vasectomy reversal success rates are based on the experience of the surgeon and the time since the vasectomy was performed. Below are the vasectomy reversal success rates by Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. Success is considered patency, which means having sperm return back in the semen after vasectomy reversal, indicating that the connection is open. These success rates include men who had vasovasostomy performed (connecting one end of the vas deferens to the other) and those that underwent the more complex epididymal tubule to vas deferens connection (vasoepdidymostomy) as a first attempt at vasectomy reversal.

parviz-kavoussi-austin-vasectomy-reversalDr. Kavoussi’s vasectomy reversal success rates based on time since vasectomy:

Time Since Vasectomy 1-8 years 9-14 years >15 years
Success Rate 97% 95% 75%

*This data represents the patency rate which is considered a surgical success and is defined as return of sperm to the semen after vasectomy reversal in first time vasectomy reversal patients.   These numbers include men who underwent vas deferens to vas deferens connections as well as those who underwent vas deferens to epididymis connections.