Dr. Parviz Kavoussi interviewed on KXAN regarding his study on Clomid Citrate safety

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi recently published his study further confirming the safety of using the medication Clomid Citrate in men with low testosterone who want to maintain fertility potential.  The standard treatment of men with low testosterone has historically been with testosterone replacement therapy with either gels, shots, or pellets that go under the skin.  These are all good options for men who are done having children.  But, when we put men on testosterone replacement therapy, it typically drops sperm counts to zero or nearly zero.  For that reason, Clomid Citrate has been used to increase testosterone levels in men in a way that is safe for sperm production.  Dr. Kavoussi recently published the first study showing that Clomid Citrate does not cause red blood cells to increase in blood vessels, which is a side effect that can be seen with direct testosterone replacement therapy with potential risks.  This study further confirms the safety of using Clomid Citrate in men in this situation.  Dr. Kavoussi states, “We feel that this is a very important study to given doctors and patients alike further scientific evidence that Clomid Citrate is a safe way to increase testosterone levels in men who want to maintain fertility potential.  It was a pleasure to go on KXAN news to discuss this study and try to spread the message that men who still want to have children and build their families should avoid testosterone replacement therapy and should consider an alternative option like Clomid Citrate.”

Watch Dr. Kavoussi’s interview with KXAN News below.

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