Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Clomiphene Citrate Low Testosterone Hypogonadism Male Fertility Treatment

Long term safety and effectiveness of treating low testosterone in fertility preserving manner

There are 13.1 million men in the United States diagnosed with low testosterone, or hypogonadism, annually. Many men seek treatment but the traditional testosterone replacement options such as topical gels, injections, pellets, and patches suppress sperm production and can have an adverse impact on a man’s fertility. Off-label use of a SERM, an oral medication that stimulates testosterone production in a way that is safe for sperm production, has been used for decades to treat men with hypogonadism who want to maintain fertility; however, until now, the longest-term study on this drug used in men has only been up to 3 years. Dr. Parviz Kavoussi presented his research demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of this medication for up to 7 years, the longest-term study to date, at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine annual scientific meeting and congress in Philadelphia.  Dr. Kavoussi states, “It is very important for patients to be treated in an appropriate manner for hypogonadism to help preserve fertility when that is important to them. We need to keep doing research to help understand the long-term efficacy and safety of medications we use in our patients commonly.”