Male Fertility Improving Sperm Quality

Improving Male Fertility

Male fertility is all about the sperm. Medical Daily put together 7 little known facts about sperm:

  1. “Sperm” and “Semen” are different.
  2. Most sperm ejaculated is defective.
  3. Sperm is cold.
  4. Sperm comes as both male (X chromosome) and female (Y chromosome) genders.
  5. Sperm development takes 2 months.
  6. One testicle can produce ample sperm for male fertility.
  7. Sperm “killed” can still fertilize an egg through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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Given these known facts about sperm, Austin based reproductive urologist, Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, advises on what men can do to maximize their fertility potential when trying to conceive, “Minimizing direct heat exposure to the testicles can help men optimize their fertility. This includes staying out of hot tubs, warm baths, and saunas and keeping laptop computers off their laps. All of these different types of heat exposures increase testicular temperatures and have an adverse impact on sperm.”

If men heed the advice they will need to wait 3 months, the full cycle of a sperm development and transit into the semen, to help with improving their fertility. Dr. Kavoussi explains, “When a man makes a behavioral or lifestyle change that impacts sperm production, either in a good or bad way, it typically takes about 3 months to see that effect on the sperm parameters in the semen. It takes a bit over 2 months from the time a new sperm cell begins forming until the time it has matured, but then it still has to get into the fluid to make it into the semen so this is around a 3 month time frame.

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