Food with High Pesticide Residue May Affect Sperm Quality

For men who already have lower than normal sperm counts, eating fruits and vegetables that contain large quantities of pesticide residue can reduce their numbers to levels far below what is considered to be sufficient for reproduction.

Although the amount of research information on the subject is limited, certain studies show a link between high levels of pesticide residue and infertility in men. The “EARTH” (Environmental Health Sciences-funded Environment and Reproductive Health) study showed that men who consumed fruits and vegetables that were thought to have higher levels of pesticide residue were found to have a dramatically lower than normal sperm count. The study suggested that men who ate 1.5 or more servings per day of fruits and vegetables with high amounts of pesticide residue had 49 percent fewer sperm and 32% lower percentage of normal, viable sperm than men who consumed less than .5 servings each day.

The fact is, male fertility is affected by many things ranging from high levels of stress to large amounts of contaminants found in the diet as well as the environment. The residue left behind on produce after pesticides and other chemicals are washed away is still sufficient enough to affect how the body functions. A healthy diet with fruit and vegetables is not only good for overall health but for fertility health. It may be a better option to choose organic foods with less potential exposure to pesticides when trying to conceive.

Male fertility is directly affected by the quality of sperm produced. If the body does not get the right amount of healthy, contaminant free foods, it will not be able to produce enough sperm to successfully fertilize a woman’s egg. “The best option is to minimize exposure to pesticide residue. Men with borderline fertility should avoid such exposures as these changes in semen parameters may drop them into subfertile range“, adds Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, a well-respected Austin based Reproductive Urologist.

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