Focus on: Kavoussi Family Outstanding Teacher Award

Through an endowment made by the Kavoussi family of Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF (AFRM), a family of physicians in a fertility practice and the only fertility center in Austin with fellowship trained specialists in both female and male fertility, The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) will recognize a member of its organization with the “Kavoussi Family Outstanding Teacher Award”. The Award recognizes an outstanding educator in the area of basic and/or clinical reproductive biology and medicine.

The core mission of ASRM is concerned with using education, research and support for all practices that will advance the field of reproductive medicine. As such, the organization sponsors informational opportunities for the public and continuing education courses for professionals in the field of reproductive medicine.  ASRM is helped in achieving its overarching mission through the unqualified support of its members such as the Kavoussi family, a team of highly qualified and renowned physicians dedicated to the practice of reproductive medicine. The members include renowned AFRM Practice Director, K.M. Kavoussi, M.D.; Medical Director, Shahryar K. Kavoussi, M.D.; Reproductive Urology Specialist, Parviz K. Kavoussi, M.D.; and Counsel, Mehryar Kavoussi, J.D., each of whom have been recognized as thought leaders in their specialties.

The Award was created when the ASRM approached the Kavoussi family with the idea of a Teaching Award to recognize the family for the countless hours they have dedicated to peer education as well as for the unique contributions made by their family’s fertility practice.  Through these annual award designations, the Kavoussi family is thrilled to continue its practice of encouraging and supporting those educators that provide incisive and innovative insight into the field of reproductive medicine, which ultimately translates to the care AFRM provides for fertility patients every day.   As highly credentialed and published specialists in their respective fields, the Kavoussi family members each understands and pledge support to the importance of creating opportunities for teachers whose commitment is reflected in their exemplary track record as educators.  As Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi explains, “We have always been grateful to our teachers and were excited about the opportunity to be able to give back to ASRM and the educators in our field by establishing the Kavoussi Family Outstanding Teaching Award”.

Nominees specialize in teaching clinical reproductive biology and medicine in the collegiate, graduate and postgraduate levels, including those who are engaged in professional training and patient education. Each nomination for the Award will be screened by the ASRM Executive Committee, who will decide on the recipient based on many criteria including achievements in patient education.  The 2014 awardee will be recognized at the annual ASRM Meeting of the Society that will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii, and will receive the honor and accommodations for the Annual Meeting Scientific Program.