A leader in the field of endometriosis-associated infertility, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was invited as the keynote international speaker at the Simposio Internacional Endometriosis 2014 in Bogotá, Colombia, by the Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics of Clínica del Country. The symposium took place on September 11th and 12th at the Hotel Hilton in Bogotá. He was asked to give presentations on the following three topics: “New Concepts in the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis”, “Poor Ovarian Response in Endometriosis”, and “Update on the Investigation of Pharmacologic Therapies for Endometriosis” during the two-day symposium. “It was an honor to be asked to speak at the Simposio Internacional Endometriosis 2014,” said Dr. Kavoussi. “The symposium was well attended and covered all aspects of endometriosis. I was able to provide the latest data on the topics I presented from the perspective of a Reproductive Endocrinologist, with particular emphasis on endometriosis-associated infertility”.