Ice-Storm-Embryo-Transfer Austin Fertility

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and patients Karin and William Baker are interviewed on KEYE CBS News on Mother’s Day about embryo transfer during Austin’s recent ice storm

During the recent ice storm in the Austin area in mid-February of this year, an Austin couple was able to have their embryo transfer at Westlake IVF.  “It took ultimate teamwork to be able to perform IVF procedures for our patients during the ice storm”, said Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi.  “We needed to have one doctor here, as well as an embryologist, and an experienced clinical staff member who could run the procedure rooms and assist with the cases.  Fortunately, our senior embryologist Henry Chen and senior nurse practitioner Amy Esqueda safely made the journey and joined me at our offices and IVF laboratory off of Bee Caves Road in order to be there for our patients.  We slept at the office for several nights in a row that week so that patients who wanted to come in for their time-sensitive egg retrievals and embryo transfers had the option to do so and embryology cases that were already underway were able to be salvaged”.  Karin and William Baker wanted to have their embryo transfer performed as previously scheduled, braved the inclement weather, and were able to have the procedure on February 15th.  “Karin is more than 14 weeks pregnant as a result of the embryo transfer that she underwent during the ice storm,” added Dr. Kavoussi.  “The ice storm was such a difficult time for so many here in Austin and the surrounding areas.  It is amazing to see this pregnancy and the springtime on this Mother’s Day being such positive symbols of growth after the ice storm”.

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and the Bakers were interviewed by KEYE CBS multimedia journalist Lindsey Ragas regarding the Bakers’ embryo transfer during the Austin ice storm.

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