Oxidative Stress Testing Male Infertility

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi co-authors study on global use of antioxidants for male infertility.

The use of antioxidants for infertile men is a common clinical practice globally; however, there is a great deal of variation between practice patterns amongst physicians worldwide on whether antioxidants are given, for which patients, which antioxidants, in what combinations, and at what dosing.  The truth is there is not confirmed definitive benefit of antioxidant treatments for male infertility, and there is even some data indicating they could be adverse for male fertility.  Dr. Kavoussi states, “The challenge with treating infertile men with antioxidants is the controversy in the literature, and that there is not a definitive answer on if, how, or when to do so.  Are we doing good, making no difference, or potentially even causing harm from a fertility standpoint?  The problem is that there are no established guidelines by professional societies for the use of antioxidants in male fertility treatments.”  Dr. Kavoussi was a co-author amongst a worldwide group of renowned fertility specialists who published a study using an online survey to understand worldwide practice patterns, which was the largest of its kind.  Ultimately, we are still left with the need for data driven, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines from our professional societies on this controversial topic.