Austin Low Testosterone Evaluation & Treatment

Dr. Kavoussi Goes on Air to Discuss the Appropriate Evaluation of Men for Low Testosterone

As more men are being evaluated and treated for low testosterone, it is important that this is done safely and in a medically sound manner. Dr. Kavoussi went on air with Fox to discuss this important topic. He relayed the need for a medical evaluation by a trained professional health care provider prior to being treated with testosterone replacement. He states, “low testosterone is very common and treatment provides significant improvement in many aspects of a man’s quality of life as well as health benefits. However, an appropriate evaluation is necessary to make sure that testosterone is not being used anabolically for muscle gain and enhancement of performance in men who have a normal testosterone at baseline”. He believes that if a man has some of the symptoms with a clearly, unquestionable normal testosterone level, further medical evaluation is needed to sort out other potential causes for these symptoms.

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