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Dr. Kavoussi Gives Lecture at Us TOO Prostate Cancer Support Group on the Impact of Prostate Cancer on Sexual Health and Male Infertility

Dr. Kavoussi was invited to lecture at the November 2014 Us TOO prostate cancer support group, Mike Jones memorial chapter meeting, taking place at St David’s South Austin Medical Center. His lecture is on the psychosexual adjustment to prostate cancer. With approximately 1 in 6 men in the United States being diagnosed with prostate cancer during their screening ages, a large number will undergo treatment. Besides the potential biological/anatomical impacts that prostate cancer treatment can have on sexual function and fertility, there is a significant psychological impact as well. As more men tend to wait until later in life to father children, there are a number of men which will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and treated prior to completing their families. Dr. Kavoussi states, “As many of the treatments of prostate cancer can negatively affect a man’s fertility, planning ahead by freezing sperm prior to prostate cancer treatment can help the couple conceive when the time comes after treatment. For men, who did not cryopreserve sperm, there are other approaches, such as sperm retrievals that can be used with IVF to help to the couple conceive in many circumstances after treatment.” It is important for men to be informed on these options as many men who are diagnosed and treated early will have a high level of survivorship and fertility may be important to these men.