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Chd5: A Key Protein in Male Fertility and Disease Protection

A powerful protein known as Chd5 is critical to male fertility, according to a new study published in Nature Communications. The protein is vital to the production of healthy sperm that are capable of fertilizing an egg.

Chd5 plays a major role in the regulation of chromatin remodeling, a crucial part of sperm development where DNA is repackaged to fit inside the head of a sperm cell. This is a crucial part of sperm development. When the Chd5 gene was removed from mice, they suffered from low sperm counts and reduced sperm motility. Their faulty sperm were unable to fertilize an egg even when in vitro fertilization was used, and a closer examination revealed that its DNA was damaged, raising the risk of disease and genetic defects in any offspring that were conceived.

“Although this is early data that requires further investigation, it is exciting to have another potential target to consider for infertile men,” says Reproductive Urologist Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. “We traditionally have only been able to use the classic semen parameters to help us understand a man’s fertility potential. Basic science research such as this is needed to help improve our understanding of potential causes of male infertility.”

Male infertility can be triggered by genetic and hormonal issues, medications, environmental toxins, and physical problems like ejaculation issues, blocked ducts, and varicoceles. Doctors are currently working to overcome these issues by recommending medication switches and lifestyle changes, treating any underlying medical issues, and performing sperm retrieval for use in procedures like in vitro fertilization. Any new understanding of infertility opens the door to the development of new treatments.

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