Male Fertility

Fertility Myth Busters

With so much information about fertility it can be difficult to determine what is true or false. Here are a few misconceptions explained.


Myth 1:  Lie in bed with your feet in the air to increase chance of getting pregnant. 

While this potential routine after intercourse may be ritualized for some couple who are trying […]

Do Antihistamines Affect Male Fertility?

A recent study raised the question on whether antihistamines may have an adverse impact on male fertility.  Dr. Parviz Kavoussi was interviewed on ABC News on the implications of this study.  Dr. Kavoussi states,“This study was a review article which looked at previous studies on antihistamine effect on testicular function. All the studies included […]

How Reliable is Sperm Morphology in Determining Male Fertility?

Male fertility specialists have numerous tests at their disposal. One of these relates to sperm morphology. Understanding more about sperm morphology provides couples with an additional option for resolving fertility issues.

Sperm morphology involves reviewing a semen sample to measure the size and shape of the sperm in order to determine the percentage of normal […]

Does Ibuprofen impact male fertility? Dr. Parviz Kavoussi Discusses on ABC News

A recent study published in the Proceeding of National Academy of Sciences investigated Ibuprofen’s effect on testicular function. Ibuprofen is one of the most commonly taken over the counter medications. Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, a leading male fertility specialist, was interviewed on ABC News to discuss this study. The authors of this study sought out […]

The Skinny on Weight and Fitness on Fertility

When a couple is trying to become pregnant, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a key component of reproductive success. Studies show that women who control their weight with diet and exercise have a greater likelihood of getting and staying pregnant. For men, the benefits of proper weight include higher sperm counts and sperm with […]

Why Men Should Choose Microsurgical Repair of Varicoceles Over Embolization

A varicocele is an abnormal dilation of veins draining the testicle.  Varicoceles are found in 15% of men in the general population and 40% of men presenting to fertility clinics for subfertility.  Varicoceles have been shown to decrease sperm production (counts), the ability of sperm to swim (motility), and the number of sperm with […]

ASRM features Dr. Parviz Kavoussi’s research on Clomiphene Citrate and semen parameters

There is a great deal of controversy in the scientific research on whether Clomiphene Citrate, a commonly used medication to treat low testosterone in men who want to maintain fertility potential in a way that is not detrimental for sperm, actually improves semen parameters on not.  Several studies have shown some improvement in some […]

Research by AFRM/Westlake IVF Finds Promescent® Adversely Impacts Male Fertility

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual complaints in men, affecting between 20-30% of men. Promescent® is a commonly used over the counter desensitizing spray used to treat premature ejaculation. With more men choosing this treatment option, it raised the question of whether this treatment has a bad impact on sperm and […]

Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF Enrolls Men for Male Fertility Clinical Trial

Until recently, we have evaluated male fertility in a similar manner as Anton van Leeuwenhoek first did in 1677, by looking at sperm under the microscope, when he reported his findings of seeing sperm to the Royal Society. He described what he saw as “animalcules” less than a size of a grain of sand […]

Male Fertility Testing Using a Smart Phone

CNN reports a new technology that will determine a man’s fertility through an app on a smartphone. While the technology is still in development by two Massachusetts hospitals, it has the potential to make infertility evaluation simpler and less costly. The app will be able to assess sperm count and motility with 98% accuracy. However, […]