Austin Fertility’s Newest Female Fertility Specialist: Dr. Maya Barsky

Austin Fertility is thrilled to have Dr. Maya Barsky, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, join the practice. A highly respected physician, she brings years of clinical and research experience.

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi, Austin Fertility’s Medical Director states, “Dr. Barsky is an excellent fit for our center. As part of our team, we’ll be able to help even more individuals and couples start a family in our communities.”

Dr. Barsky is available for appointments in our Austin office now and will be seeing patients in our Round Rock office starting in March 2021. To learn more about Dr. Barsky read her bio and CV.

We had an opportunity to ask her some questions. Here’s what she has to say:


What inspired you to become a physician?
My grandmothers’ kindness and selflessness. Walking down the boardwalk of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, holding my grandmother’s hand, I saw a strange woman running to thank her. My grandmother had delivered her child 20 years prior in a Russian small town with little hope of survival. Although I didn’t understand the events that transpired, I knew that one day I needed to touch people’s lives like she had.


Why did you decide to specialize in reproductive endocrinology?
Infertility affects so many, and did not shy away from my family. I know what a difference it makes to have a physician who looks at you as an individual. Also, this field just has it all, but most importantly the potential of brining such joy to families is hard to surpass doing anything else. I cannot imagine my life without my kids and I want to help bring that joy to others.


Why did you decide to join the AFRM team?
I really wanted to be part of a team that valued patient care above all else. From the first moment I met the physicians at AFRM I knew that the way they practiced medicine was evidence based, ethical, and patient centered which is in line with how I practice. I also wanted to be in an environment that appreciated differing perspectives while striving for excellence. I am just so excited to be part of such a wonderful group.


What’s one of your favorite places you’ve lived? What makes it special?
NYC is so special and will always be my hometown (although I lived in so many places). The diversity of people, food, architecture, and events is like nowhere else. Austin reminds me of NYC in certain ways but a lot more manageable for raising my family.


What made you decide to settle down in Texas?
I did my fellowship in Houston and realized just how many fantastic things Texas has to offer from friendly people, no real winters, to the beauty of Texas Hill Country. Naturally I felt the strongest affinity to Austin and decided to plant some roots here with my family. I just love the vibe of this city.


What are your favorite hobbies?
Traveling hands down is my favorite. Unfortunately, not too much of that happening right now. But I can’t wait to explore new cultures, foods, sights, and connect with people with so many different perspectives.