Do Antihistamines Affect Male Fertility?

A recent study raised the question on whether antihistamines may have an adverse impact on male fertility.  Dr. Parviz Kavoussi was interviewed on ABC News on the implications of this study.  Dr. Kavoussi states,“This study was a review article which looked at previous studies on antihistamine effect on testicular function. All the studies included in this review were animal research studies, including studies on mice, rats, guinea pigs, and lizards.  There is no well performed human data showing such an impact of antihistamines on testicular function. That being said, histamine receptors have been identified in the testis so there is a potential for an unknown affect at this point, however, there is not convincing enough data that all men on antihistamines should discontinue them for fertility sake. If a couple wants all potential variables out of the question though, there are other means of treating allergies such as allergy injections which do not have an antihistamine effect.”

Watch the interview

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