NIAW 2019: Infertility Uncovered


This year’s theme for National Infertility Awareness week (NIAW) is #InfertilityUncovered, which focuses raising awareness about the lack of access to family building options and emotional support for millions of women and men struggling to build a family. Visit NIAW to learn more. Follow us on as we will be publishing educational posts about infertility. […]

Random controlled ovarian stimulation prior to cancer treatments in women of reproductive age who are diagnosed with cancer

Fertility Fertility Preservation Cancer Treatment

Until several years ago, the prevailing thought was that only one “wave” of follicles is available for growth per monthly menstrual cycle; therefore, controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) for fertility preservation would require waiting for a woman’s period to start prior to her starting fertility medications for COS leading up to oocyte retrieval for fertility preservation […]