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Men with Klinefelter Syndrome Can Still Be Fathers Using Own Sperm Through MicroTESE

One in every 500 men is born with an extra X chromosome, with a karyotype of 47, XXY rather than the typical 46, XY male karyotype.  This is known as Klinefelter Syndrome and is the most common genetic variation which impacts a man’s fertility.  Men with pure Klinefelter Syndrome are nearly universally azoospermic with […]

Most recent take on endometrial scratching

To scratch or not to scratch:  that is the question.  Based on recent data, the current recommendation regarding endometrial scratching is not to scratch.

Endometrial scratching involves the use of an endometrial biopsy sampler such as a pipelle, which is a straw-like apparatus that is thought to increase the rate of embryo implantation by remodeling […]