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Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi interviews with Good Day Austin Fox 7 News on Couples’ Obesity and Time-To-Pregnancy

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi is interviewed by Fox 7 News’ Lauren Petrowski about the effects of couples’ obesity on the time-to-pregnancy.  Watch the interview for more details.

The Male Factor in Fertility

We live in an incredible time for medicine. Recent advancements have allowed women of advanced maternal age to have babies, uterine transplants have been successfully performed on women who were born without them, and improvements in cryopreservation have led to more successful pregnancies after eggs and embryos have been frozen. You would think that we pretty much have […]

Egg & Sperm Facts

Historically the thought of what sex a baby will be was assumed to be related to the gamete of the mother, but we now realize that sperm, not eggs, determine a baby’s gender. This is good since it has allowed us to address male fertility issues instead of looking only to women for causes of infertility. Want to […]