Fast Food is Not Good for Men’s Fertility


Modern life is busy; sometimes people just want a meal that is fast, affordable, and satisfying. This comes at a cost to our health. While fast food is certainly convenient, it is not health food. The effects of the drive-through extend far beyond the waistline, harming your cardiovascular system, kidneys, and more. New research suggests […]

Egg Facts


Egg cells, or ova, are the defining characteristic between the male and female of every species on Earth. Though some males, like the seahorse, will carry fertilized embryos in their specialized pouches, it is the creation of the eggs itself that is used to define the female. Though they may seem simple, ova are remarkably […]

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and Dr. Thomas (Rusty) Pool co-author the chapter on Optimization of Treatment Outcomes for Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the textbook “Organization and Management of IVF Units

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi and Dr. Thomas (Rusty) Pool have co-authored a chapter on optimization of treatment outcomes for Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the textbook “Organization and Management of IVF Units” published by Springer in 2016.  “This chapter covers various clinical and laboratory techniques that are considered to optimize difficult IVF cases including topics such as […]

Dr. James Segars receives the 2016 Kavoussi Family Outstanding Teacher Award


This year’s American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s (ASRM) annual scientific meeting took place in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Dr. James Segars received the Kavoussi Family Outstanding Teacher Award.  Dr. Segars is a professor and director of new research in reproductive science and women’s health at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Dr. Segars’ prior […]

How the Female Scent Aids Sperm in Fertility

When it comes to fertility, the ability for a sperm to move quickly to the right location is very important, and very difficult. To reach a fertile egg, sperm must swim a distance proportionate to a human swimming half the length of the Gulf of Mexico, while dealing with obstacles like cervical mucus condition, competition […]

Infertile Men More at Risk for Osteoporosis and Diabetes


Could disorders such as diabetes and osteoporosis affect men’s fertility? Many men who struggle with male infertility assume that their reproductive systems are at fault. However, the problem may be a much more pervasive one, affecting health through your entire body. Male infertility is the culprit in around 60% of infertility cases. According to Austin […]

Does Prior Male Fertility History Predict Future Fertility?

When we see a family with one child, we sometimes wonder when they will have another child, but what we may not realize is that it’s not always as easy to have a second child. Infertility can affect anyone at any point in life. Having successfully conceived one pregnancy is no guarantee of being able […]