When I started looking for IVF locations, I was so nervous. I was new to Texas and IVF here and didn’t know anybody to ask for experiences or opinions I literally took a chance and picked this clinic.  My doctor at Austin Fertility was Dr. Maya Barsky. I have to admit that I was leery of female IVF doctors because of some issues in the past, which I know is unfair to judge all female doctors because of a few that didn’t sit well with me (but that’s what I did). I had my consultation via FaceTime with Dr. Barsky, she seemed kind, answered any all questions I had and took her time, and she was just so positive.

With each appointment I had with Dr. Barsky, I came to realized how truly great She was. She was so friendly and really took her time with me and my husband. She went through our medical history, our options going forward, which specialized doctors to speak with due to my age, situation, etc.

There was one appointment where my husband and I were concerned about a medical issue that  may have changed our minds about having a baby, and Dr. Barksy didn’t pressure us either way. In fact, she told us to speak to a certain kind of specialty doctor and gave us a name and phone number of a few. She told us one of our options if we were unsure how to proceed was to wait a month or two if we needed, just to make sure we were making the right decision for my safety and sanity. I knew right then that this doctor was truly WONDERFUL and made to be a doctor. We ended up being “cleared” by the specialized doctor and going through with IVF on time.

At my embryo transfer, Dr. Barsky and her team seemed as excited as I was. The two embryologists were friendly, informative and great. Dr. Barsky and her team of nurses (and also the embryologists) were like my support system since, sadly, my husband couldn’t be there. Even without him there, I truly felt supported by everyone in the room. Once the embryo was safely in, I cried happy and exhausted tears. The build up in getting to that point was a lot but I was so happy and hopeful. Throughout this whole cycle, Dr. Barksy held my hand at times, gave me hugs at times, and treated me like a human being and not just a client or a patient. We ALL deserve a doctor like her for this emotional rollercoaster of a process.

I’m happy to say that I am now 12 weeks pregnant (if you’re reading this Dr. Barksy or Austin Fertility staff- IT’S A BOY!). I’ve graduated from the clinic to my OB/GYN labor and delivery doctor. I wish I could have Dr. Barsky as my doctor for this whole pregnancy journey. I’ve told her this many times so she knows. 🙂

I would have written this positive review whether my IVF process resulted in a pregnancy or not though, simply because it’s the truth and Dr. Barksy and her team deserve it. I’m so incredibly happy that I went to Austin Fertility and had Dr. Barsky as my doctor.