It Takes Two

There is no other field in medicine that requires optimal care of two people at the same time for the best results as is seen in fertility care. Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF is the ONLY private fertility center in the state of Texas, and one of a select few in the United States with in-house fellowship trained and board certified specialists in female and male fertility. Why is it so important to have this level of comprehensive fertility care for your patients?

Why Comprehensive Fertility Care is so important:

  • In 50-60% of subfertile couples, there is a male factor component contributing to subfertility
  • Combined evaluation and treatments = best outcomes with the most choices for the couple
  • Couples in which the man underwent vasectomy should have ALL of their options thoroughly explained. These options include vasectomy reversal or sperm retrieval/IVF/ICSI. Vasectomy reversal success rates are based on the experience and training of the physician and ours rival the best anywhere. At Westlake IVF, in order to provide couples the convenience, comfort, and familiarity with our facility and staff, every step of sperm retrieval/IVF is performed in one center
  • In men with non-obstructive azoospermia (no sperm in the semen without an anatomic blockage), a highly specialized procedure, microdissection testicular sperm extraction (MicroTESE), is required for IVF/ICSI. This procedure should only be performed by fellowship trained Reproductive Urologists with expertise for acceptable retrieval rates. Our Reproductive Urologist has retrieval rates as high as any in the country
  • Availability of both specialties in-house allows for time-sensitive unexpected sperm retrievals, such as when severely oligospermic (very low sperm counts) men are found to be azoospermic (sperm count of zero) on the day of egg retrieval for IVF
  • An appropriate male partner evaluation can lead to correctable treatments to allow couples who were only thought to be IVF candidates to become IUI candidates, or IUI candidates to conceive with timed intercourse in some cases

Some fertility practices believe that their Reproductive Endocrinologists are trained adequately to evaluate and treat male infertility. They are not. Our private practice is the only one which includes a true Reproductive Urologists who does not practice general urology such as management of stones, prostates, or urinary problems; and whose practices are solely focused on Reproductive Urology to provide the highest level of fertility care along with our Reproductive Endocrinologists.

Our physicians are well published in multiple scientific journals, regularly give scientific presentations at national and international meetings, contribute chapters to fertility textbooks, and are involved in clinical and basic science research to advance the field.