Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan has been a practicing Registered Nurse since 2015 and graduated locally from ACC’s acclaimed nursing program. She was drawn to the field of nursing because of her compassion for others and strong desire to constantly learn. She believes in the holistic care of each patient and that emotional support is just as important as medicinal care. Prior to joining Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine / Westlake IVF, Elizabeth gained experience in multiple fields of nursing such as urgent care, oncology, and peri-surgical care.

When Elizabeth came across the fertility field of medicine, she was intrigued by the close and personal care given to each patient, as well as being a part of helping to grow each patient’s family. Prior to becoming an RN, she spent 10 years as a private nanny to families here in the Austin area. With her love for little ones, the fertility field felt like home to her.

Elizabeth was born in Detroit, Michigan, but has lived in Austin for most of her life surrounded by her loving family. She has a deep love and respect for animals, enjoys reading and being outdoors, and spending time with her loved ones.