Henry Chen
Melissa Gilkey, M.S. is the laboratory Andrologist at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF, and has been a part of the team since February, 2017. Melissa earned her BSc degree in Microbiology from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX in 2012. She received a MSc degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2014 from Texas State University. She was awarded the “Thesis Research Fellowship Scholarship” in 2014, and was also nominated for the Colene Drace Cellular & Molecular Biology Award. Melissa is currently the Safety Manager at Westlake IVF and is responsible for the training and education of all members of the Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine/Westlake IVF group in safety. She is the Clinical Trial Coordinator for the practice and the patient-physician liaison. Melissa is training to certify as an Andrology and Embryology Technical Supervisor through the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB). Her research topics include:

  • Live cell imaging
  • Mammalian cell culture and aseptic technique
  • Cell signaling inhibition assays
  • Cell fractionation and protein isolation