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FAQ: If there is no sperm in the semen, is there a way for couples to have a child?

Yes. If there is no sperm in the semen due to an anatomic blockage (obstructive azoospermia) such as a vasectomy or a blockage where the tubes carrying the sperm enter the prostate gland, surgical reconstruction (vasectomy reversal), sperm retrieval, or unblocking the area can be offered.  In men with no sperm in the semen […]

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi is named as a Texas Super Doctor for the 5th year consecutively

“It is quite an honor to be on named on a list with such distinguished colleagues.  Being named by my peers means an awful lot”, stated Dr. Parviz Kavoussi after being named to the 2016 Super Doctors list by Texas Monthly Magazine for the 5th consecutive year.  Super Doctors is a listing of outstanding […]

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi attends the Infertility session at the PCS Global Obstetrics and Gynaecology Congress 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi was invited to speak at, and serve as chair, of the PCS Global Obstetrics and Gynaecology Congress-2016 in Prague, Czech Republic.  The congress took place from June 18th through June19th, and his presentation focused on AMH as a predictor of IVF outcomes.  “The information that I presented at the meeting covered […]